Meet theSigners.

Name Position Country Organization Featured
David Boyd United Nations/University of British Columbia Canada Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment/Professor yes
Michael Pollan UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism USA Professor yes
Sam Lee The Nest Collective / Sam Lee UK Singer / Artistic Director yes
Kristine Tompkins Tompkins Conservation USA Co-founder, CEO yes
Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE The Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation USA Founder yes
Alex Muñoz National Geographic Pristine Seas Chile Director for Latin America yes
Peter McCoy MYCOLOGOS USA Director yes
Susan Rockefeller Musings Magazine USA Founder yes
Jon Paul Rodríguez IUCN Species Survival Commission Venezuela Chair yes
Alexandra Guerra Jane Goodall Institute Chile Chile Executive Director yes
Roland Griffiths Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research USA Director yes
Robin Moore Global Wildlife Conservation USA Vice President Communications and Marketing yes
Paul Stamets Fungi Perfecti, LLC USA Director of Research yes
Daniela Torres Fundación Fungi Chile Directora de Programas yes
Trevor Goward Enlichened Consulting Ltd Canada principal yes
Simon McBurney Complicité UK Founder and Artistic Director yes
Susana C. Gonçalves Chair, European Council for the Conservation of Fungi, Member IUCN SSC Fungal Conservation Committee, Researcher, Centre for Functional Ecology, University of Coimbra Portugal yes
Gregory Mueller Chicago Botanic Garden USA Chief Scientist & V.P. Science, and Chair IUCN SSC Fungal Conservation Committee yes
David Zilber Chr. Hansen Denmark Fermentation/Food Scientist yes
Lynne Boddy Cardiff University UK Professor of Microbial Ecology yes
Alan Rayner Bath Bio*Art UK Former President of the British Mycological Society yes
Philip Ball Author and science writer UK yes
Andrea Wulf Author of 'Invention of Nature. Alexander von Humboldt's New World' UK yes
Anicka Yi Anicka Yi Studio USA Artist/Owner yes
Gareth Wyn Griffith Aberystwyth University Wales Professor yes
Florian Walder Agroscope Schweiz Researcher yes
Gina Goh Director Portugal Wine and spirits no
S. G. Loeber ? Netherlands no
Adam Tall United States of America (USA) no
Angelika Berger member Germany Felicitas Goodman Network Germany no
Suzanne Murray supporter United States of America (USA) no
Michael Midlo mushroom cured cancer patient United States of America (USA) Private advocate no
Susan Sargent Retired United States of America (USA) no
Jennifer Standish accountant United States of America (USA) no
Diane Black n/a United States of America (USA) no
mark Concerned Citizen United States of America (USA) no
Rev. Paul ⳩ ClArK President United States of America (USA) Save Our Seas Hawaii no
Jodie Gow Human United States of America (USA) no
John Wheeler Human Being United States of America (USA) no
Judith Person United States of America (USA) no
Dave Hinkle Owner/Opeeator United States of America (USA) Libertty Cap Cuinary Herbs no
Margaret Rodriguez CfO United States of America (USA) no
WILLIAM WHITAKER Owner United States of America (USA) Whitaker Farms of So. Illinois no
Alex Lowe Head chef United States of America (USA) North fork public house no
David Acevedo Partner Puerto Rico Arabuco Kai no
Sherrie Luhrs Concerned Citizen United States of America (USA) Self no
Kade Ariani Scientist United States of America (USA) no
Sharon Citizen United States of America (USA) no
Gretchen Tiger Human United States of America (USA) no
Alan Zulch Advocate United States of America (USA) no
Michael T Corbin Director United States of America (USA) no
Elizabeth Dickerson Homemaker and mycologist United States of America (USA) no
Heather Dunn Owner Australia The Grove B&B no
devta khalsa owner Contours Design no
Aaron Veikley Strong United States of America (USA) no
Michael deYcaza None United States of America (USA) no
Katherine Marrou Permaculture Designer France, Metropolitan no
Laura Gilbert Human wanting to help the planet United States of America (USA) no
Meggie Wolfe Student United States of America (USA) no
Nandor Albert Chef Austria no
Dennis Harle member United States of America (USA) Wisconsin Mycological Society no
ZEZITO DUARTE Owner Brazil Fazenda Riachinho no
Virginia Ridgeway Human United States of America (USA) no
Lilian Generalist Netherlands no
Troy Sprinkles Owner/Grower United States of America (USA) Sprinkles Mushrooms no
Heather Smith Library technician United States of America (USA) National Center for PTSD no
Nico Willey pharmacist United States of America (USA) no
Carla Civil Australia no
Meredith Wooten Horticultural sales representative United States of America (USA) Colesville Nursery no
Vicki Flatter Mushroom lover United States of America (USA) no
robert beall advocate United States of America (USA) no
Ryan Handeland Biological Science Technician United States of America (USA) National Park Service no
Joseph Magee Carpenter United Kingdom Self employed no
Jim none United States of America (USA) no
Steve pagliai None United States of America (USA) None no
david dayton contractor United States of America (USA) no
Alan Gray Chief Director United States of America (USA) Liv’n Rhythm Ent. no
Brenda Reed advocate for NATURE United States of America (USA) individual no
Michel HAiraud President France no
Matthew Schenk Owner Germany Aionios no
Michelle Leech Website Designer Canada no
Victoria Glascock individual United States of America (USA) individual no
Dr. Wolfgang Hinterdobler Co-Founder and CEO Austria MyPilz no
Wesley Huck Director Australia Bubuti no
Michela Sisti Student United Kingdom no
Michael Van Nuland Lead Data Scientist United States of America (USA) SPUN no
Erin Carr Student United States of America (USA) no
Tim Dumonceaux Research Scientist Canada Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada no
Vasilis Kokkoris Assistant professor Netherlands VU Amsterdam no
Daniel Eastwood Professor United Kingdom Swansea University no
Daniel Charlebois Assistant Professor Canada University of Alberta no
Pooja Sridhar PhD candidate Canada Queen's University no
Jennifer Wilkinson Fungarium Technician Canada no
Sarah McGrath-Blaser PhD Candidate United States of America (USA) University of Florida no
Nathan Chrismas Postdoc United Kingdom Marine Biological Association of the UK no
Daniel F Smith Postdoctoral research fellow United States of America (USA) Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health no
Susan Egbert PhD student Canada University of Manitoba no
Gareth Wyn Griffith Fungal ecologist United Kingdom Aberystwyth University no
Ian Medeiros PhD student United States of America (USA) Duke University no
Alicia Banwell MSc Candidate Canada Western University no
Rebekah N Persad Grad student Canada no
Jesus Pena doctoral candidate United States of America (USA) no
Dr. Az Klymiuk Assistant Professor Canada University of Manitoba no
Jonathan Schilling Professor & Director of Itasca Biological Station United States of America (USA) University of Minnesota no
Rhys Winder Student Canada no
Johan Asplund Professor Norway Norwegian University of Life Sciences no
Ronald Noë retired Netherlands no
Thorsten Langner Senior Postdoc United Kingdom The Sainsbury Laboratory no
Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi Postdoctoral Research Fellow Canada no
Yakubu Bitrus Lecturer Nigeria Education no
Rabiat Ojeifo Graduate Researcher Nigeria Department of Public Health no
Kirk Fischer Instructor Canada University College of the North no
Rebecca Shay Graduate Research Assistant United States of America (USA) no
Rodolfo Salas Lizana Teacher Mexico Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México no
Andrea Petkovic Graduate Student Canada Queen's University no
Raees Ahmad Paul Scientist-C India Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research no
Stefano Leidi Student Italy Sapienza University of Rome no
Louise Dineley Student United Kingdom no
Peter Kennedy Professor United States of America (USA) University of Minnesota no
Jerónimo Sainz de Agüero Amo & Señor Mexico El Engaño (casa-cerámica) no
Charles Ayers Fungi are distinctly different than fauna or flora and are essentially to the proper functioning of the ecosystem. Therefore, they should be recognized as a distinct form of life. This is the 21st century fungi are not plants! United States of America (USA) University of Minnesota no
Cheryl Quinn Student United States of America (USA) University of Minnesota no
Caitlin Hoff Student United States of America (USA) University of Minnesota no
Dennis Such Lab Assistant United States of America (USA) no
Anahi Cantoran Graduate Student United States of America (USA) University of Minnesota no
Shamanth Shankarnarayan Post doc Canada University of Alberta no
Isha Tickoo Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew United Kingdom Grow Wild Engagement and Training Assistant no
Alison Langley Switzerland Founder no
Jacqueline Bell Mycology club United States Student no
Zach Goldberg CU Mycology Club United States no
Cameron Ditta Colorado Mycological Society (at University of Colorado Boulder) United States New member/student no
Jared Hébert Researcher USA Educator & Lover of Nature no
Margarita Martin-Blas Agram, Illustration and Design United Kingdom Artist, illustrator and Graphic Designer no
Steve Farrar M2 Ingredients, Inc. United States Chief Technical Officer-California medicinal mushroom farm no
Lily Cole A United Kingdom no
Ats Sardegna Italia Micologist no
Nick Anderson AJNA BioSciences US Director of Cultivation no
Fulton Nazareth None India no
Maya Macdonald Goddard College United States Student no
Miguel Torrejón Herrero Laboratory of Mycology Spain no
Stephen Mifsud EcoGozo, Ministry for Gozo Malta Researcher & Ecologist no
Daniel Newman Independent United States Parataxonomist & Photographer no
Kimberly Gleeson Mycologist lover Australia Researcher no
Rainer Kurth Disorganised Australia Free range no
Rodolfo Beltran EARTHDAY.ORG South America Brasil Director no
Rodolfo Beltran EARTHDAY.ORG South America Brasil Director no
Rodolfo Beltran EARTHDAY.ORG South America Brasil Director no
Ben Meeus United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Belgium Consultant no
U Gooding Sherfield English Community United Kingdom Ecology Lead no
Marieta Artiñano Worry Citizen Spain no
Maria Black attorney United States no
Crystal McAllister McAllister none US no
Chantel Mitchell Individual United Kingdom no
Chris McSpadden Mother Mycelium United States Founder no
Dara Kirwan Student Ireland no
Eglė Semaškaitė Vilnius University Lithuania Research Biologist no
Jonah Myers Independent Australia Citizen no
Mitchell Hughes Kentucky EEC United States Environmental Scientist no
Georgina Gittins Retired NHS worker United Kingdom Retired no
Taylor Bright CoRenewal, Bay Area Applied Mycology, Symbiiotica, Moon Fruit Mushroom Farm USA Applied mycologist, Researcher, Artist, Writer, Educator, Medicine Maker, Cultivator no
Ryath Beauchene Moon Fruit Mushroom Farm USA Co-Owner no
Katarzyna Balcerak-Kobos private person Poland no
Danielle Caners Danielle Caners Art Canada no
Daniel Giles Roma Tre University Italy University English Teacher no
Jan Vermeer Jan Vermeer Photography Netherlands Nature Photographer, no
Kelly Coyne Root Simple USA no
Pauline Greenhalgh No affiliation private citizen United Kingdom no
Charlie Havens Me, Myself, and I United States of America Retired - now a participating citizen scientist no
Laurie Jaegers Jaegers Asheville Mushroom Club US Treasurer no
Jay Berger Colorado Mycological Society, NAMA, MycoMarin United States Board Member, CMS no
Candida D’Avanzo CDP US Research Apecialist no
Moreux Paul YpHen France Mycoremediation research engineer and lab director no
Sheri Scott Private individual USA N/A no
Tosca Terán Nanotopia Canada Interdisciplinary artist no
Steven Gunter Steven Gunter GSMA / NAMA US Citizen scientist / Junior Naturalist no
John Dawson Penn State University US Professor Emeritus of Mathematics no
Brian Douglas Royal Botanic Gardens Kew United Kingdom Mycologist no
Arrington de Dionyso de Dionyso Provisions Mushrooms USA Mycologist no
Gabriela Mejia GEMArt United States no
Helen Speed BMS UK no
Pauline Nordin USA Founder & President no
Tamara Santos Extinction Rebellion Philippines Philippines National Coordinator no
Allen Tate In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes/ISA United States of America Arborist no
Miguel Cabanelas Duran Tragsatec-Bueu Spain Ambientalist-Biologist no
Miki Tillett Fungi-loving individual UK no
Soonok Kim National Institute of Biological Resources Republic of Korea Senior Researcher no
Elin Rolén Norwegian Veterinary Institute NO Mycologist no
Emma Lovejoy BSc Animal behaviour and welfare UK no
Evelyn Horan Jackdaw Farm / Evelyn Frances Ireland Farmer / Musician no
Claudia Daventry [Disorganised] United Kingdom Poet, person no
Marctin Rybczynski Environmentally Aware USA Citizen no
Elaine Becker none US no
Karina Furie Brandenburgische Technisch Universitat Germany PhD Student no
Jenna Kappelt Carnegie Mellon University United States no
Rebecca Cohen CU Boulder United States Graduate Student no
Janet Quinn British Mycological Society United Kingdom President no
Alexis Diaz None USA no
Daniel Light None United states None no
Ben Hudson Carolina Wild Harvests United States Owner no
Jean Alexandre Mycopius United States Founder no
Parris Mills Civilian US no
Angela Mordan Curious citizen United States no
Paula Cano team Re:wiild Colombia no
Dana DeAgro Myself usa no
Summer J CU Mycology club USA Member no
Silvanna Sorche None Uk None no
Dennis Krimer University of Colorado Boulder United States Masters Student no
John Thompson University of Denver USA Student no
Jack Petros Summit Sippers United States no
Sara Covey Argent Electric Usa no
Kate Radley WAI Wanaka New Zealand Conservation worker no
Andreas Karl Krumm Wilderness Educator Deutschland no
Luke Gaskin Infinite Tree Inc. United States President no
Kyle McHugh Scientific Supporter Canada no
Sandy Hunter Colorado Mycological Society USA Member no
Hunter Kerlek Fungal Finds USA no
Staempfli Adi Urban Mushrooms London Ltd United Kingdom Director no
ludwig van den eynde vmpa belfium no
Emma Dickens Bangor University SNS UK Undergraduate BSc Environmental Science no
Armin Mesic Rudjer Boskovic Institute Croatia Head of Laboratory for Biological Diversity no
Giulietta Keyworth Team Re:wild Canada no
Linda Davies Imperial College London United Kingdom Honorary Research Fellow no
Cynthia Stancioff Franklin County Climate Crisis Coalition United States co-chair no
Vincent Lahey None United States Concerned citizen no
Josh Crawford Myself Usa no
Brady Karlin Brytr Farms USA Owner no
Joseph Skerpon Citizen United States HunN no
Zachary Anderson-VonHeeder Bodhi Brain United States Mycologist no
Donovan Shearer Joint Farmers United States Co Owner and Farmer no
Jonathan Weseman Citizen Scientist USA Researcher no
Steven Steinway X United states X no
Chris McSpadden Mother Mycelium US Founder no
Alexis Murray Colorado Mycological Society United States Member no
James Stevens Unaffiliated USA Horticulturist no
Samuel Warren SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry USA Student no
Marlene Eglinton None England None, ( retired) no
Cindy Cerón None Mexique None no
David. Gadd British Mycological Society United Kingdom Follower no
Brady Larkin Big Love Homestead USA Co-Founder no
James Franco Na USA Mycologist no
Nirmal Nair Sempera Organics, Inc. USA CEO/Founder no
Maja Szrajber-Dhennin Health and Nutrition Poland no
Dennis Desjardin San Francisco State University USA Professor Emeritus no
Lucas Gárate Universidad de Valparaíso Chile Environmental Engineering Student - Future Mycologist no
Mark Steer Glamorgan Fungus Group Wales, UK Secretary no
glen dierickx ghent university belgium phd candidate no
Eric Moors - Netherlands no
Peter Kroes Member Dutch Mycological Society Netherlands no
Juno Rouwenhorst - Netherlands no
Laura Lattuada Team Re:wild Italia no
Vera Meyer Technische Universität Berlin Germany Professor of Applied and Molecular Microbiology no
Vera Meyer Technische Universität Berlin Germany Professor of Applied and Molecular Microbiology no
Carol Lines Novartis France Global Head Neuroscience no
Michel Jacobs None Belgium no
Jan Mudde None Nederland no
Colin Cheesman Vale of Glamorgan Council United Kingdom County Ecologist no
Judith Jenkins Private person. Wales Student no
Andrew Simpson Mid Yorkshire Fungus Group United Kingdom Amateur Mycologist no
Andy Woodall BMS UK Member no
Kate Aubury Kemerton Conservation Trust Great Britain Support Coordinator no
Janis Millu None United States. no
Janis Millu Nome United States no
David ‘Fungalpunk’ Higginson-Tranter Higginson-Tranter Fungaltopia England Wildlife doofer no
ian johnston retired United Kingdom no
Michael Loizides Cyprus Mycological Association Cyprus President no
Celso Lago-Paiva Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) Brazil Environmental Analyst, Researcher no
Γεώργιος Φρανσουάς Ερασιτέχνης μυκητολόγος Ελλάδα no
Celso Lago-Paiva Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) Brazil Environmental Analyst, Researcher no
Amanda Lewis Starks Neal’s Yard Remedies Bath co-op Ltd United Kingdom Director no
Keith Scarrott Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and Scunthorpe Museum Society UK Vice Chairman to the Local LWT Group and Vice Chairman and Treasurer to the Natural History and Geology Section of the Scunthorpe Museum Society. no
Pierre-Arthur Moreau University of Lille France Assistant professor no
Caine Barlow Caine Barlow Australia Fungi educator, Mycologist no
Pierre-Arthur Moreau University of Lille France Assistant professor no
Di Napier British Mycological Society, Botanical Society of the British Isles UK no
Dominique Antoine-Vankerckhove ... Belgium no
Brian Luff University of Southampton UK Post-Grad Researcher (Astrophysics) no
Therese DeBing DeBing Re-Wild USA Therese no
sue carpenter concerned citizen United States no
Alec Garcia Perhaps Perhaps Art Philippines Artist | Founder no
Jelica Roland Team Re:wild Croatia no
Sushovan Shrestha Team Rewild Nepal no
Stephany Ramirez Lover of nature United States no
Dr Michael Leach Author UK Author no
Wilma Nijland Foundation Save Plantation Bolivia Bonaire Chair no
Victoria Gaither Self United States no
Janet Timms . England . no
Monica Leccese Re:Wild United States no
Debra Wall Animal Protection Party of Canada Canada Candidate Winnipeg Centre no
Rick Weinstein Vermont Mycology United States Retired Antarctic mycologist no
Simon Harding British Mycological Society England no
Neil Mahler Norfolk Fungus Study Group UK County Fungus Recorder, Suffolk. no
Jasper Sharp Independent Researcher United Kingdom Writer and filmmaker no
Max Mudie Allthingsfungi United Kingdom procrastinator no
Carla Manuela Sampaio Gomes Leite Centro Hospitalar Póvoa de Varzim/Vila do Conde Portugal Pharmacist -microbiology no
Rony Epelbaum Sports for The Wild United Kingdom/Mexico Founder no
Cat Goulden University of Liverpool UK no
Marion Spielhagen none Germany no
Petra Schenkeveld No Organization Netherlands no
Monica Ravalico - Italia Writer no
Monica Ravalico none Italia Writer no
Leotien Parlevliet Concerned citizen Netherlands Screenwriter no
Mr. Rafe Sunshine Youth Involvement Project Canada Coordinator no
Jennifer Paterson Team re:wild Scotland Lover of nature no
Ashley Curtice Student United States no
Dr. Eileen Metress The University of Toledo United States Professor Emeritus no
Anne-Marie Hewitt Team Re:wild United Kingdom no
Logan Babiak Team: Wild USA Researcher no
Miles Carrigan Tai Chi Internal Arts United Kingdom Instructor/Owner no
Maggie Topalian Re:Wild United States no
Arjun Basu Team re:WIld Canada writer, brand and coms consultant and advisor no
Julia Caliari None Brazil no
Nadine Henry Team Re:wild Canada no
Chris Stay Re:Wild United States no
Jennifer Valentine human race United States no
Colleen McMullen Team Re:wild United States no
Paul Moss The Plant Initiative United States Executive Director no
DANIELA Tudor Dacat Studio Canada no
Elisandro Ricardo Drechsler-Santos Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brazil Professor and Member of IUCN SSC Mushroom, Bracket, and Puffball Specialist Group no
N Penn Team Wild Australia Member no
IRIADA SMIRNOVA "Environmental Watch for the North Caucasus" Russia eco-activist, veterinary and sanitary doctor no
Marie-Eve Marchand IUCN WCPA Beyond the Aichi Task Force Canada Business Manager and Strategies no
Emilia Mildmay Centre for Alternative Technology United Kingdom Student, Mother, Artist, Lover of the Natural world no
Ian Medgett Extinction Rebellion, ex arborist Uk Inquisitive human no
Cobi Calyx Centre for Social Impact (CSI) UNSW, Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA) Australia Research Fellow (CSI), Management Committee (ACSA) no
Giuseppe Cozzi CNR Italy Technician no
Mary Hegedus York University Canada Phd candidate no
Tea von Bonsdorff University of Helsinki Finland Conservation ofiicer / Expert Group for Fungi no
Matt Wrabley Individual USA no
Abdoul Azize BOUKARY MyTIPS Bénin PhD Student no
Jassy Drakulic Royal Horticultural Society United Kingdom Plant Pathogist no
keiran Lond lond education chile tutor no
Catherine Bohemier Montreal Mycologist Society / Cercle des mycologues de Montréal Canada Ex-President and ex-Director no
Judy Glick CERES Australia no
Francis Martin INRAE France Head of department no
Giamcarlo Perrone National Research Council - Institute of Sciences of Food Production Italy Senior Researcher - Curator of ITEM Agri-Food Microbial Culture Collection no
Daniel Panek Hobart Bike Kitchen Australia Vice President no
Jess Ridders none Germany no
Guy D’hallewin National Research Council - Institute of Sciences of Food Production Italia Researcher no
Michele Solfrizzo National Research Council, Institute of Sciences of Food Production Italia Research leader no
Walter Cristiano Università degli Studi di Torino Italia PhD student no
Wes Sechrest Re:wild USA Chief Scientist and CEO no
Giovanni Mita CNR, Institue of Sciences of Food Research Italia Scientist no
Megan Lewin MYCOmmunity Australia Citizen scientist no
Chiara Daccò Università di Pavia Italia Postdoctoral Researcher no
Barney Long Re:wild United States Senior director of conservation strategies no
Penny Langhammer Re:wild United States Executive Vice President no
Monika Hartl Privat Deutschland Privat no
Matt Harrigan Tree People, Inc. USA Owner no
Declan Prentice Moondarra Wineries Australia no
Hannah Preston Univeristy of Wollongong Australia no
Carly Fedorniak ?? Australia no
Pille Roaldset none Norway no
Simon Couturier Champignons de la Montagne Canada Founder no
Alessandra Masci University of Parma Italy laboratory technician no
Colin Domnauer UC Berkeley United States no
Colin Domnauer UC Berkeley United States no
Carrie Hutchison Re:wild USA Director, Marketing & Brand no
Carrie Hutchison Re:wild USA Director, Marketing & Brand no
Maria Silvia Presi Tecnico della Prevenzione ALL, Micologo Italia no
David Grant None United Kingdom no
Chris Connors Private entity Australia no
Tina Berghella Oggi Consulting Australia Director no
Jessica Reed MYCOmmunity Australia Citizen scientist no
Travis Kirkup Gro Pod Australia Owner no
Peter Robertson Peter Robertson Consulting PL Australia no
Julie Leal Beaches Bees Australia no
ben GRAHAM organic gas servicing and plumbing Australia director no
Elisabetta Daga AGRIS Sardegna Italia Researcher no
Grazia Cecchi University of Genoa Italy research fellow no
Simone Di Piazza University of Genoa Italy Researcher no
Brad Humphries Humphries AMSRO Australia SRO no
Bruce Browne MFV Pty Ltd Australia Director no
Robert Blanchette University of Minnesota United States Professor no
Ivan Norscia University of Turin Italy Associate Professor no
Tomasz Kłoszewski Polish Truffle Society Polska assistant profesor no
Eliseo Maria Battistin Natural History Museum Italy Researcher no
Valeria Prigione University of Torino Italy Researcher no
Andrew Anak Ngadin Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Malaysia no
Valentina Bernini University of Parma Italy Associate Professor no
Roberta Comunian Agris Sardegna Italy Researcher no
Filomena Nazzaro National Research Council, Institute of Food Science, CNR-ISA Italy Director of Research no
Mirca ZOTTI University of Genoa Italy Professor, Head of the Laboratory of mycology DISTAV - University of Genoa no
Mara Novero University of Turin Italy Research technician no
Erasmo Neviani University Parma Italy Professor no
Camilla Lazzi University of Parma Italia Associate Professor no
Camilla Lazzi University of Parma Italia Associate Professor no
Monica Gatti University of Parma Italy Full Professor no
Roberto Para Associazione Micologica Bresadola - Pesaro Italia Responsabile scientifico no
Marco Passerini University of Padua (Italy), University of Siena (Italy), S.I.FIT. (Italian Sociaty of Phytotherapy) Italy External professor no
Camille Truong Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Australia Research Scientist no
Aurora Zuzuarregui Spanish Type Culture Collection (CECT-UV) Spain Microbial Resources Manager no
Pertti Renvall Kuopio Natural History Museum Finland Museum Director no
Lindsay Renick Mayer Re:wild USA Director of communications no
Carrie Hutchison Re:wild USA Director, Marketing & Brand no
Laura Zucconi University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy Italy Professor no
stefano fenoglio University of Turin Italia Professor no
Nicola Sitta Independent researcher Italy Professional mycologist no
Gianrico Vasquez AMB It Italy Pubblisher Researcher no
Gianrico Vasquez University of Catania Italy Mycology Professor no
Svetlana Ozerskaya All-Russian Collection of Microorganisms, IBPM RAS Russia Head of VKM laboratory of filamentous fungi, no
Matteo Florio Furno University of Turin Italy PhD stutent no
Francesco Venice Venice National Research Council (CNR) Italy Post-doctoral researcher no
Erica Lumini National Research Council (CNR)- Institute for Sustainable Plant protection (IPSP) Italy Senior Researcher no
Paolo Franchi AMB Italia Publishing Author no
MARIA TERESA BASSO Associazione Micologica Bresaola Italia Publishing Author no
Andrea Rinaldi University of Cagliari Italy Full Professor of Biochemisty no
Francesca Marucco University of Torino, Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology Italy Researcher no
Alessio Pierotti Amb Gruppo di Pontedera Italia no
Edmondo Grilli AMB Italy Italy Publishing author no
Manuel Atzeni Associazione micologica ladispolana Italia Vicepresidente no
Aleksandra Rosa-Gruszecka Forest Research Institute Polska assistant profesor no
Luisa Lanfranco University of Turin Italy Associate Professor no
Andrea Genre Università degli Studi di Torino Italia Associate Professor no
Giovanni Pacioni University of L'Aquila Italia Honorary Professor no
Sandra Tuszynska Woodfordia Inc. Australia Environmental Projects Officer no
lia schwinn worldpeace4future Germany autonom no
Sophie Strand Writer USA no
Samantha Meaden XRAlpujarra Spain no
Jennifer Skene Yale Law School USA Clinical Lecturer in Law no
Viveca Morris Yale Law School USA no
Benjamin Steinacher your mom Austria no
Naghme Najafi Zans Grindz Hawaii Owner no
Tobias Salden ZFMK Germany no
Tommy Webster Zigzag Clothing UK Director no
Zhu-Liang Yang 中国科学院昆明植物研究所 China Prof. no
Solveig Tosi University of Pavia Italy Italia Professor of Botany and Mycology no
Mirco Iotti University of L’Aquila Italy Associate professor no
Giovanna Cristina Varese University of Torino Italy Full Professor no
Marco Leonardi University of L'Aquila ITALY technician no
Marco Leonardi University of L'Aquila ITALY technician no
Luciana De Vero University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Italy UMCC (Unimore Microbial Culture Collection Curator) no
Nelson Lima MUM-Micoteca da Universidade do Minho fungal collection Portugal Director no
Paola Angelini Angelini University of Perugia Italy Researcher no
Fabiana Canini University of Tuscia Italy Post-doc fellow no
Terry Houston Western Australian Museum Australia Research Associate no
Kirsten Tullis Western Australian Naturalists' Club Australia no
Beth Whitney Whitney Cinema USA Producer no
Galo Zapata-Ríos Wildlife Conservation Society - Ecuador Ecuador Science Director no
Dalton Lee Wildtrail Tours USA Owner no
Saskia Wiesenthal Wir sind Natur Austria no
Lindsey Wixson Young Wixson Design USA CEO no
Rory Foulger Wolfram Research USA no
John Knox Wake Forest University USA Professor no
Brian Welling Welling Centre Canada Psychologist no
Brian Lovett West Virginia University USA Postdoctoral Researcher no
Matt Kasson West Virginia University USA Associate Professor no
Nanna Grundell Visionaries Supper Sweden no
Reiss Williams Vital by Design Canada no
Eric Wallace Vital Fungi USA Owner no
Dushan Hanuska Volt Bank Australia Senior Tech Lead no
Jolanda Keeble WA Naturalists' Club Australia Vice-president no
Eva van den Berg Wageningen University Netherlands Student no
Thomas Kuyper Wageningen University Netherlands Professor, Fungal Ecology & Diversity no
Wim Ozinga Wageningen University & Research Netherlands no
Joe Ammirati University of Washington United States Professor no
R Greg Thorn Thorn University of Western Ontario Canada Professor no
Anne Pringle University of Wisconsin-Madison USA Professor no
Keir Wefferling University of Wisconsin, Green Bay USA no
Hannah Preston University of Wollongong Australia no
M. Constanza Ranieri Unlu, FHAS Argentina Professor & Researcher no
Katiane Paula Bagatini Unoesc Brasil Professora no
Veronica Meyer Unsam Argentina Anthropology student no
Edgardo Albertó UNSAM-CONICET Argentina Associate professor and Senior Researcher no
George Moulton Unseen USA Owner no
Patrick Mallery Upcycled Mushrooms / Easy Mushroom Growing UK CEO no
Paulette Isabella Goyes USFQ Ecuador Associate researcher no
Maria Luisa Cerri UTFPR Brasil Student no
Quincy Holzapfel Utrecht University / Naturalis Biodiversity Institute Netherlands no
Quincy Holzapfel Utrecht University / Naturalis Biodiversity Institute Netherlands no
Claire de Burgh UWA Australia Student no
Petr Vlček Verein für Pilzkunde Basel Switzerland no
Kathleen Horan Vertebrate Genomes Project USA no
Ella Buchanan Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand Student no
Izabele Suikaite Vilnius University Lithuania student no
ANA CRISTINA Bolaños University of Valle Colombia Professor and curator of fungi no
Işıl Karataş University of Vienna Austria Assistant no
Pavle Pajic University of Vienna Austria Biology Student no
Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber University of Vienna Österreich Professor, President of Austrian Mycological Society, Austrian Biodiversity Council Lead Member no
Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber University of Vienna Österreich Professor, President of Austrian Mycological Society, Austrian Biodiversity Council Lead Member no
Roberta Lee Farrell University of Waikato New Zealand Emeritus Professor no
Anna Biedunkiewicz University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, Departament of Microbiology and Mycology; Polish Mycological Society Poland no
Julia Pawłowska University of Warsaw Poland no
Mateusz Wilk University of Warsaw Poland Research Scientist, Ph.D. no
Sanni Färkkilä University of Tartu Estonia PhD student no
Gabriele Celli University of Tartu Italy MA student no
David Ratkowsky University of Tasmania Australia Honorary Research Associate no
Genevieve Gates University of Tasmania Australia Honorary Research Associate in Mycology no
Lizzy Killoran University of the West of England UK Environmental Journalist, Author and Director of Plant Research no
Andrew Adamatzky University of the West of England, Bristol UK Professor no
Andrew Adamatzky University of the West of England, Bristol UK Professor no
Patrick Farrell University of Toronto Canada no
Marc Rosenfelder University of Tübingen Germany Student no
Kristian Apel University of Tuebingen Germany PD no
Søren Jorgensen University of Utah USA Student no
Ari Puentes University of North Carolina at Asheville USA Student no
Roo Vandegrift University of Oregon USA Postdoc no
Diogo Veríssimo University of Oxford Portugal Research Fellow no
Rodrigo Oyanedel University of Oxford UK no
Charles Foster University of Oxford UK no
Amy Hinsley University of Oxford UK Senior Research Fellow no
Molly Grace University of Oxford UK Fellow in Biology no
Dan Challender University of Oxford UK Research Fellow no
Amy Dickman University of Oxford UK Senior Research Fellow no
Leander Beckett University of Paris France Student no
Fabian Loh University of Rostock Germany no
Sam Mickey University of San Francisco USA Environmental Ethics Professor no
Weilan Gomes Paixão Melo University of São Paulo Brasil Postdoc no
Katie Field University of Sheffield UK Professor of Plant-Soil Processes no
Paul-Camilo Zalamea University of South Florida Colombia Assistant Professor no
Carolina Sarmiento University of South Florida USA no
Jeannie Mounger University of South Florida United States PhD Candidate, Integrative Biology no
Isabelle Marsh University of St Andrews United Kingdom Student no
Kenya Fernandes University of Sydney Australia Postdoctoral Researcher no
Dee Carter University of Sydney Australia Professor of Microbiology no
Mahmood Soofi University of Goettingen Germany Post-doctoral fellow no
Laura Guzmán-Dávalos University of Guadalajara México Professor, Curator Mycology no
Gordon Bell University of Guelph Canada Environmental science grad student, Climate Smart Soils Scholar, member of Canadian Agricultural Youth Council no
Francisca Rodriguez University of Hawaii USA PhD Student no
Erinn Dady University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA Student no
James Dalling University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA Professor of Tropical Forest Ecology no
Sebastian Kaiser University of Kassel Germany Master of Arts no
Aaron Herkert University of Koblenz Landau Germany Student no
Alice Moore University of Leeds UK Graduate no
Sandra Varga University of Lincoln UK no
Encarni Montoya University of Liverpool UK Lecturer in Environmental Change no
David Johnson University of Manchester UK Professor no
Jacalyn Grey University of Manitoba Canada no
Amelia-Grace Boxshall University of Melbourne Australia PhD Candidate no
Victoria Hobday University of Melbourne Australia Lecturer/Coordinator no
Lee Berger University of Melbourne Australia Principal Research Fellow no
Melvin Xu University of Melbourne Australia Research assistant no
Daniel Revillini University of Miami USA Postdoctoral Associate no
Tim James University of Michigan USA Professor and Curator of Fungi no
Erin Carr University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA Graduate Research Assistant no
Abigail Jackson-Gain University of Chile Chile Graduate student in geology no
Susana Cunha University of Coimbra Portugal no
Isabel Conceição University of Coimbra Portugal Assistant Professor no
Ivânia Esteves University of Coimbra Portugal Researcher no
Daniela Cordeiro University of Coimbra Portugal no
Claire Winfrey University of Colorado Boulder USA PhD student in ecology no
Rachel Martindale University of Colorado Boulder USA Undergraduate researcher no
Pablo Pérez Daniëls University of Cordoba Spain Honorary Colaborator no
Giselle Alvarado University of Costa Rica Costa Rica Pensioner professor no
Ramsey Affifi University of Edinburgh UK no
Rufus Gooder University of Edinburgh MSc UK Energy, Society & Sustainability no
Sarah Crowley University of Exeter UK Lecturer no
Mark Harrison University of Exeter UK Postdoctoral Research Fellow no
Meshach Pierre University of Florida USA Masters student no
João Araújo University of Florida USA Postdoctoral Researcher no
João Araújo University of Florida USA Postdoctoral Researcher no
Matthew E. Smith University of Florida USA Associate Professor no
Hadyn Murray University of Glasgow Scotland Masters student no
Lucy Gilbert University of Glasgow UK Dr no
Adam Hart University of Gloucestershire UK Professor no
Saskia Klink University Bayreuth Germany no
Eileen Scott University of Adelaide Australia Emerita Professor of Plant Pathology no
Megan Waite University of Alaska Fairbanks USA Student no
Mariyana Vatova University of Algarve Portugal Biology student no
Lena Neuenkamp University of Alicante Spain Post Doc (MYFUN MSCA-IF fellowship) no
Kristien Hens University of Antwerp Belgum Bioethics professor no
A. Elizabeth Arnold University of Arizona USA Professor, School of Plant Sciences no
Andrew Weil University of Arizona College of Medicine USA Priofessor, Center Director no
Johanna Pausch University of Bayreuth Germany no
Wade Davis University of British Columbia Canada Professor of Anthropology, BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk no
Kai Chan Chan University of British Columbia Canada Professor no
Marina Omacini University of Buenos Aires Argentina Professor no
Andrea Rinaldi University of Cagliari Italy Full Professor (Molecular Mycology) no
Donna Haraway University of California Santa Cruz USA Distinguished Professor Emerita no
Iolanda Ramalho da Silva University of California, Merced USA Postdoctoral scholar no
Uta Paszkowski University of Cambridge UK Professor no
Robert Macfarlane University of Cambridge UK no
Patrick Hackney University of Central Arkansas USA Student no
Jördis Weilandt Weilandt University Canada Educational Developer and Language Instructor no
Alexandra Dombrowski University at Buffalo USA Bachelor’s Degree no
Maria Alice Neves Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil Associate professor and researcher no
Admir Giachini Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil Professor no
Elisandro Ricardo Drechsler-Santos Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil Professor no
Lara Ferst Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC - Micolab) Brasil Undergrad student no
Sonia Botton Universidade Federal de Santa Maria Brasil Professor and Research leader no
Fabiano Branco Rocha Universidade Federal de Sergipe Brasil Professor no
Lucas Colares Amaro Universidade Federal do Amazonas Brasil Student no
Sarah Gonçalves Tavares Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo Brasil Professor no
Luciana Canêz Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul Brasil Professor no
Felipe Sousa Martins Universidade Federal do Pará Brasil no
Antonio Hernández-Gutiérrez Universidade Federal do Pará Brasil Professor no
Ricardo Luiz Vieira Universidade Federal do Paraná Brasil Pesquisador no
Ricardo Luiz Vieira Universidade Federal do Paraná Brasil Pesquisador no
Patricia Fiuza Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte Brasil Postdoc no
Bruno Tomio Goto Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte Brasil Professor no
Melissa Palacio Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Brasil PhD student no
Nicolau Sbaraini Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Sul Brasil Postdoctoral researcher no
Janos Faust Universität Kassel Germany Student no
Anja Yang University Germany Student no
Claudia Perini University Italy Researcher and temporary professor no
Juliana Cabral Universidade de Rio Verde Brasil Professora e Pesquisadora no
Conrad Rubin Universidade do Algarve Portugal Student no
Jorge Luiz Fortuna Universidade do Estado da Bahia - UNEB Brasil Professor no
María Pilar Serbent Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina Brasil Professor no
Roberto Degenhardt Universidade do Oeste de Santa Catarina Brasil professor no
Domingos da Silva Leite UNiversidade Estadual de Campinas Brasil Associated Professor no
Gabriel Castro Universidade Estadual de Campinas - UNICAMP Brasil no
Luis Gusmao Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana Brasil Professor no
Jadergudson Pereira Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz (UESC) Brasil Professor no
Adriano Spielmann Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul Brasil Professor no
Luize Garcia de Melo Universidade Federal de Pelotas Brasil no
Daniela Isabel Brayer Pereira Universidade Federal de Pelotas Brasil Professor no
Renato Mendes Alvarenga Universidade Federal de Pernambuco Brasil no
Ana Carla da Silva Santos Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE) Brasil Postdoc no
Eloisa Leopoldo Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil Undergraduate student no
Marivane Slodkowski Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil PhD student no
Ariadne Nóbrega Marinho Furtado Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil PhD candidate no
Fernando Mafalda Freire Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil Estudante no
Rafaela Miranda Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil no
Nicolas Rosa Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil no
Ivan Viegas Universidade de Coimbra Portugal Researcher no
Clara Inés Sánchez Suárez Universidad Industrial de Santander Colombia Profesora no
diego gonzalez universidad mayor Chile estudiante no
Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico México Proffesor no
Rodolfo Salas-Lizana Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México México no
Andrea Alejandra Arrua Universidad Nacional de Asunción Paraguay Professor and researcher no
Yanine Maubet Universidad Nacional de Asunción Paraguay Researcher no
Claudia Gaona Muñoz Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia Undergraduate student no
Margareth Andrea Patiño Lagos Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia no
Carlos Urcelay Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Argentina Professor no
Leonor Carrillo Universidad Nacional de Jujuy Argentina Profesor Emerito no
Patricia Folgarait Universidad Nacional de Quilmes Argentina Professor & Researcher no
Maria Laura Ramirez Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto-Instituto de Investigacion en Micologia y Micologia (IMICO-CONICET-UNRC) Argentina Professor no
Natalia Joelson Universidad Nacional del Comahue Argentina Scholar no
Carmen Cecilia Matallana Calmet Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Perú Laboratory assistant no
Carmen Cecilia Matallana Calmet Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Perú no
Carolina Kalinhoff Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja Ecuador no
Mariana Isabel Nunes Universidade Coimbra Portugal Undergraduate Student (biology) no
Daniel Fernando Araújo Oliveira Oliveira Universidade de Coimbra Portugal Student no
Douglas René Martínez Universidad de El Salvador El Salvador Profesor adjunto no
Virginia Ramírez Cruz Universidad de Guadalajara México Cátedras-CONACYT no
Leonardo Almonacid Universidad de La Frontera Chile Academico e investigador no
Jessica Duchicela Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE Ecuador Researcher & Proffesor no
Adriana Marcela Celis Ramírez Universidad de los Andes Colombia Assistant Professor no
Martha Lucia Ortiz-Moreno Universidad de los Llanos Colombia Professor no
Margarita Maria Jaramillo Ciro Universidad de San Buenaventura Colombia Research Professor no
Osberth Morales Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala Guatemala Jefe, Departamento de Microbiología, Escuela de Química Biológica, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas y Farmacia no
Maura L. Quezada Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala Guatemala Herbarium curator no
Beatriz Elena Guerra Sierra Universidad de Santander Colombia Academic Proffesor and Researcher no
Paola Torres Andrade Universidad del Cauca Colombia Professor no
Adriana Corrales Universidad del Rosario Colombia Assistant professor no
Cristian Zambrano Universidad del Tolima Colombia Professor no
Viviana Motato-Vásquez Universidad del Valle, Fundación Calima Colombia Associate researcher no
Bibiana Moncada Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas Colombia Professor and Curator Lichens no
Bibiana Moncada Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas Colombia Professor and Curator Lichens no
Bibiana Moncada Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas Colombia Professor and Curator Lichens no
Laura Camila Arias Caro Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas Colombia Estudiante no
Favio López Botía Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas Colombia Profesor no
Camila Pizano Universidad Icesi Colombia Professor no
Cristian Riquelme Universidad Austral de Chile Chile Doctoral student no
Daniela Quinchero Universidad Austral de Chile Chile Student no
Tina Antje Hofmann Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí (UNACHI) Panama Principal Reseracher Centro de Investigaciones Micológicas (CIMi) no
Sergio Salcedo-Martínez Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León México Jefe Lab. Biología de Criptógamas no
Maura Téllez Téllez Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos México Researcher no
sebastian rodriguez universidad catolica Chile profesor instructor no
Patricio Pliscoff Universidad Catolica de Chile Chile Professor no
Patricia Silva-Flores Universidad Católica del Maule Chile no
Paola Andrea Zapata Ocampo Universidad CES Colombia Professor no
Paola Andrea Zapata Ocampo Universidad CES Colombia Professor no
Nataly Gómez Montoya Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Docente, investigadora no
Ana Esperanza Franco Molano Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Professor no
Pilar Ximena Lizarazo Medina Universidad De Antioquia Colombia Professor no
Aida Vasco-Palacios Universidad de Antioquia, Asociacion Colombiana de Micologia Colombia Assistent Professor, Chair no
Aida Vasco-Palacios Universidad de Antioquia, Asociación Colombiana de Micología Colombia Assistent Professor, Chair no
Zilpa Adriana Sánchez Quitian Universidad de Boyacá Colombia Rsearch teacher no
Camila Quiroz Universidad de Caldas Colombia no
Felipe Ruan-Soto Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas México Professor no
Eduardo Hernández-Navarro Universidad de Colima México Posdoctoral Researcher no
Elouise Mayall UKYCC UK Community working group no
Tim Evans Unaffiliated USA Artist no
Samantha Gwinn Unaffiliated USA no
Danilo Pinho UnB Brasil Professor no
Patricia Esquivel Mattos UnComahue Argentina Estudiante Doctorando no
Harrison Kleiner Underground Organics USA Researcher no
Pepijn Kooij UNESP - Rio Claro Brasil Young Talent Researcher no
Renato Azevedo UNICAMP Brasil Student no
Rosangela Moraes UNIFESP Brasil Estudante no
Caroline da Silva UNIFESP Brasil no
Elisa Esposito Unifesp Brasil Professor no
Cleide Viviane Buzanello-Martins Unioeste Brasil Professor no
Ricardo Salvador Union Of Concerned Scientists USA Director and Senior Scientist, Food & Environment no
Sunil Mundra United Arab Emirates University United Arab Emirates Assistant Professor no
Jane Ellingwood United Church of Christ USA Ordained Minister and Theologian no
Thomas Bruns Univ. California Berkeley USA Professpr no
Márcia de Araújo Teixeira Silva Univerdade Federal do Acre Brasil Doutoranda em Biodiversidade e Biotecnologia no
Sarah Wall universe Canada plant lover no
Marliane de Cássia Soares da Silva DA SIlva UFV Brasil no
Hazel Van der Stappen UGent Belgium Student Climate Literature no
David Johnson UIC USA Mechanical Engineer no
Teppo Rämä UiT The Arctic University of Norway Norway Associate Professor no
Patricia Chihuailaf Vega UFROFUNGI Chile Miembro no
Javiera Perez ufrofungi Chile de acuerdo no
Antonio Barbosa Junior UFS Brasil Biology no
Danton Magri UFSC Brasil Student no
Tâmela Zamboni Madaloz UFSC Brasil Student no
Anelise Nuernberg da Silva Ufsc Brasil no
Clarice Loguercio-Leite UFSC Brasil Adj .Professor (retired) no
Mariana Furlan Sartor UFSC Brasil no
Weslley Nardes UFSC Brasil Mestrado no
Marliane DA SIlva UFV Brasil Postdoc no
Gisele Barreto UFBA- Federal University of Bahia Brasil Student no
Juliana Lovo UFPB Brasil Researcher no
Tatiana Gibertoni UFPE Brasil Professor no
Ana Margarita Carrascosa Paredes UFPE Guatemala Student no
André Corso UFRGS Brasil Graduate Student no
Paula Pérez Riveros UFRO Fungi Chile no
Yasna Milo Ufrofungi Chile no
Alejandro Sequeira Trocadero Uruguay Director no
Jamie Akens Tropical conservation fund USA Chief Mushroom Mystic no
Kris Sabbi Tufts University USA Post doctoral researcher no
Eva Jozek Tüwi Österreich no
Sharon A Cantrell UAGM Gurabo Puerto Rico Professor no
Rachel Novack UBC Canada no
Julia Craig UBC Canada Graduate student no
Lloyd Nebres UC Berkeley USA (Ret.) no
Rosalind McAlpine UCL UK PhD Student no
Kaitlin Bryson UCLA Art|Sci Center USA Manager no
Adam Haig UCSB USA Student no
Fernanda Garcia UdeA Colombia Student no
Saulo Miguel Mata García UdeG México Estudiante no
Diogo Rezende UEFS Brasil no
Chirley Gonçalves Ufac Brasil Estudante no
Elder Silva Ufac Brasil no
Luciana Belmont-Montefusco UFAM Brasil no
Laisa Ticiane Brito dos Santos UFBA Brasil Mestranda no
Alison Long The Nature Conservancy USA Science Fellow no
James Lendemer The New York Botanical Garden USA Associate Curator no
Lydia Cochrane The Royal College of Music UK no
Tonjock Rosemary Kinge The University of Bamenda Cameroon Associate Professor no
Jonathan Leake The University of Sheffield UK Professor of Plant-Soil Interactions no
Indra Roux The University of Western Australia Australia PhD candidate no
Jonathan King The Village Gardener USA Owner no
Amy Pearl The Weaving House New Zealand Chair no
Susanne Sourell TheCristalinoFungiProject, Fundação Ecológica Cristalino, Alta Floresta, Brazil Deutschland no
Thomas McGrath Thomas McGrath Studio UK Artist, Designer, Founder no
Fabian Olschewski Tierschutz E.V Germany no
Dietmar Fenneis TIGER Coatings Austria Int. Sales Manger no
Andrew Interisano Toronto Field Naturalists Canada no
Gary Easton Totnes Fungi UK recorder no
Gary Easton Totnes Fungi UK Recorder no
Gary Easton Totnes Fungi UK Recorder no
Jason Keedy Transport USA no
Jane McConnochie Tree Club USA Principal Educator no
Art Goodtimes Telluride Mushroom Festival USA Poet-in-residence no
Pablo Tovar Texas Tech University USA PhD candidate no
Terence Brown tgb design & Wandsworth Friends of the Earth UK Coordinator WFOE and Chartered Architect no
Oliver Mead The Australian National University Australia Research scientist no
Stefania Arzamendia The Barefoot Woman UK Founder no
Molly McEnerney The Biosphere USA Human no
Sasha Aarons The Design Files Australia Graphic Designer no
James Nye The Frogweb UK no
Paul Fryer The Fryer Family UK Father no
Jane Eades The Guardian UK retired no
Linde Vloeberghs The Human System Belgium Transformation Facilitator no
Jeanne Robinson The Hunterian, Glasgow United Kingdom Curator of Entomology no
Randy Twaddle The John Fairey Garden USA Executive Director no
Rae Gervis The Kitchen Garden Ty Mawr Wales Md no
Martin Powell The Mushroom UK Editor no
Sukayna Powell The Mushroom UK Editor no
Rosy Prowse The Myco-Lounge (accessible education of Fungi , the roles in the ecosystem and cultivation practices) UK Co-Director no
Gothamie Weerakoon The Natural History Museum UK Senior curator of Lichens and Slime Moulds no
Tamara Lovegrove The Natural World Canada no
Su-Min Choi Su-Min Choi Germany no
Su-Min Choi Su-Min Choi Germany no
Gabriel Quintela Summit USA community director no
BYOUNGJEAN MEAN SuNAM Co., LTD Republic of Korea, (South) 52, Seungnyang-gil, Wongok-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do no
Nevil Hutchinson Sussex Botanical Recording Society UK Records Officer no
Nick Aplin Sussex Fungus Group UK Chairman no
Penelope Curtis Sustainable Tahoe USA President no
Kristin Aleklett Swedish University of Agricultural Science Sweden no
Anders Dahlberg Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweden Professor no
Deanne Redr Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweden PhD Student in Ecology no
Susan Nuske Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Australasian Mycological Society, Queensland Mycological Society Australia Ecologist, Mycologist no
Sydney Krantz Sydney Krantz photography USA no
Gabriel Orrego Symbiotica spa Chile Forest ecologists no
Juan Carlos Gómez SYNLAB.S.A.S Colombia Líder Micología no
Ingvild Syntropia Syntropia Netherlands no
Michael Oke Talent Upgrade Global Concept Nigeria Founder no
Julie Fielder Tasmanian Land Conservancy Australia Conservation Program Ecologist no
Hyunwoo Roh Team Limitless Sounth Korea no
Nils Thieme Technical University Munich Germany Postdoctoral Researcher no
J. Philipp Benz Technical University of Munich Germany Professor for Fungal Biotechnology in Wood Science no
Emily Schneeberger State of Minnesota USA no
Thaís Guedes State University of Maranhão Brasil Senior Researcher no
Joanna Foster Stella Crinita Natural Winery Argentina Owner/Natural Wine Grower no
Karina Buvaylik STEMcell Science Shop USA UX Designer no
Stephen Farrant Stephen Farrant Advisory Ltd UK Managing Director no
Wilson Stiner Stiner bros. USA Co-President/Founder no
Sebastian Reindl Stoff Edelpilze Österreich no
Andrew Uroskie Stony Brook University USA Assoicate Professor of Art History & Criticism no
Shelli Nauman Stormont Vail Healthcare USA Microbiologist/Infection Preventionist no
Karla Friedrichs Student Germany no
Adrian Lüneburg Student Germany no
Maurizio Kuzia Student Germany no
Sofia Paoli Student Italy no
Nathan Greening Student UK no
Caroline Edwards Student USA no
Marina Ongaro Student USA no
Michael Staniszewski Student at LMU Munich Germany no
Elena Klein Studentin der Pharmazie Germany no
Elena Klein Studentin der Pharmazie Germany no
Saša Spačal Studio Agapea Slovenia Artist no
Patricia Bader-Johnston Silverbirch Associates Ltd /Rikkyo University Japan CEO, Professor of Sustainability no
Fernanda Eggers Sip of Riviera Brasil no
Carolyn Deby sirenscrossing UK Director no
Kalil Mitchell SJSU USA Student/artist no
Ian McGrath Slanj Ltd Scotland Ceo no
Ivona Kautmanova Slovak national Museum-Natural History Museum Slovakia Head of the Botanical department, Curator of Mycology no
Fernando Vidal Smilebuilders OPPA Brasil Fundador - Educador Ambiental e Ambientalista no
Colin Averill Society for the Protection of Underground Networks (SPUN) Switzerland co-founder no
Lukas Martinelli Soil Science Society of America USA Soil ecologist no
Anna Simmonds Soil Souldiers Ltd New Zealand Bioneer no
Mark Dahlby Solo traveler USA Flexible no
Shawn Woody Southern Mycology Enthusiasts USA Founder no
Jacob Lane Spirit Foundation UK Director no
Julia Laidlaw Sporadical City Mushrooms Australia Farmer Founder no
Julia Laidlaw Sporadical City Mushrooms Australia Farmer Founder no
Toby Kiers SPUN: Society for the Protection of Underground Networks Netherlands Professor, VU Amsterdam no
Mitko Karadelev Ss. Cyril and Methodius University North Macedonia Professor no
Margaret Ross St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne - Palliative Medicine & Psycho-oncology Australia Clinical psychologist / Psilocybin research lead no
Pamela Catcheside State Herbarium of South Australia Australia Honorary Research Associate no
Pam Catcheside State Herbarium of South Australia Australia Honorary Research Associate no
Marta Greenleaf Self employed USA Organic farmer no
Kristina Zimbakova self-employed Macedonia artist no
Kristina Zimbakova self-employed North Macedonia artist no
Luisa Spina Self-employed artist Italy no
Ulrike Damm Senckenberg Germany no
Marco Thines Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre Germany Professor no
Lucia Pietroiusti Serpentine Galleries UK Curator, General Ecology no
Andréia Possamai Serra da Leoa Brasil Owner no
Mary Gaterud Shades of Jade USA no
Sarah Halbeisen Show & Tell | Mag. Sarah Halbeisen Austria no
Sandra Mae Silver Acres Restoration Project USA Owner no
Ilankuzhali Elavarasan SDNx India Chief training officer and research associate no
Brinda Oldakowski Self Australia no
Kevin Mills self Australia Botanical researcher/botanist no
Zac C. Dodge jr. Self USA no
Mary Pratt Self USA no
Kate Avery Self USA Citizen mycologist no
Bo Verser Self USA no
Parool Joshi Self Employed Canada no
Di Batchelor Self Employed New Zealand no
David Satori Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew UK Species Conservation Researcher no
Laura M. Suz Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew UK Research Leader in Fungal Ecology no
Alexandre Antonelli Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew UK Director of Science no
Shyamali Roy Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew UK no
Jan Hackel Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew UK Research fellow no
Ralaiveloarisoa Anna Berthe Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Madagascar Madagascar PhD student no
Sarah Papworth Royal Holloway University of London UK Senior Lecturer in Conservation Biology no
Jassy Drakulic Royal Horticultural Society UK Plant Pathogist no
Jassy Drakulic Royal Horticultural Society United Kingdom Plant Pathogist no
M Monroe RSC UK Actor no
Hilary McGuire RSPB UK no
Martin Harper Harper RSPB UK Executive Director, Global Conservation no
Tiffany Harding SA Seed Conservation Centre Australia Volunteer mycologist no
Erica Stewart Salt of the Earth Mama USA Founder no
Claudia Paz Sao Paulo State University Brasil Postdoc no
Mariana Barcoto Sao Paulo State University - UNESP Brasil PhD student no
Andre Rodrigues São Paulo State University (UNESP) Brasil Professor no
SabineSa Duda Schweineleben Germany 2. Chairman no
Emma Brown Science World Vancouver Canada no
Stuart Kerr Scotland’s Rural College Scotland Student no
LaDona Wheatley Retired USA no
Barry Muir Retired Australia Educator about fungi no
James Robertson Retired GP UK no
Barbara Appleton Retired Nanna's New Zealand Private fan of Fungi no
Michael Lim Return to Fungi Australia no
Stephanie Kearley Müller Rewild Karlsruhe Germany no
Julie Pearce Ripponlea Primary School Australia no
Jens Benöhr River Collective Germany Communications no
Jack Carnell Roots tree surgeons UK Owner no
Sam Adams Royal BC Museum Canada Volunteer no
Heleen Plaisier Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Scotland Assistant Herbarium Curator (Cryptogams) no
Rebecca Yahr Yahr Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh UK Lichenologist no
Raquel Negrao Royal Botanic Garden Kew UK IUCN Species Conservation Assessor, Research Editor no
Matthew Laurence Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trus Australia Scientific Officer no
Ester Gaya Royal Botanic Gardens Kew UK no
Guillaume Delhaye Royal Botanic Gardens Kew UK Post-Doctoral Researcher no
Roseina Woods Royal Botanic Gardens Kew UK Research assistant no
Brian Douglas Royal Botanic Gardens Kew United Kingdom Darwin Tree of Life Coordinator no
Tom May Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Australia Principal Research Scientist (Mycology) no
Tom May Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Australia Principal Mycologist no
Oliver Ellingham RBG, Kew UK Community Fungal Survey Technician no
Richard Cudney RCB Strategies México Consultant, Principal no
Tassilo von HIrsch Real Wild Estates Company UK Head of Natural Capital no
Peter Gabriel Real World UK Founder no
John Bálint Lavack Redvespa New Zealand Senior business analyst no
Camilo Bastias Regenerativa Chile Consultant no
Remy Neumann RemyNeumann Netherlands Artist no
Frederik Vercammen Restaurant Belgium no
Maureen Gamon Retired Australia no
Raffaella Zorzi Raffaella Zorzi Italy Titolare no
Tonya Papanikolov Rainbo Canada Founder and CEO no
Holliday Cartar Rainbo Mushrooms Canada Business Dev no
Rajagopal Kalyanaraman Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Chennai. South India India Assistant Professor no
Martyn Ainsworth RBG Kew UK Research Leader no
Paul Cannon RBG Kew UK no
Lee Davies RBG Kew UK Fungarium Curator no
Tuula Niskanen RBG Kew UK Research Leader no
Shaheenara Chowdhury RBG Kew UK Fungarium Collections Curator no
Shaheenara Chowdhury RBG Kew UK Fungarium Collections Curator no
Elinor Breman Breman RBG Kew UK no
Arnaz Mehta Private Individual New Zealand no
Evelyn Bauer Private Individual New Zealand Born a Biologist no
Jonna Karjunen Private person Finland no
Joanna Darlington Private person Germany no
David Appleton Private Researcher New Zealand Retired no
Tim Frentzel Privatperson Germany no
Joseph Gaylard Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, the Swiss Arts Council South Africa Head no
Cole Taylor Project Southtown USA Team member no
Bibiana Sucre Provita Venezuela Executive Director no
Bernardo Alemanno Proyecto Regenerar Argentina no
Kaylie Tejeda Psychedelic Social Justice Collective USA Facilitator no
Roger Phillips Phillips Publishing UK Author no
Fernan Federici PUC Chile researcher no
Cathie Aime Purdue University USA Professor no
Nina Kawar Pure Ritual USA Artist no
Tiago Cunha Ferreira Qi Natural Portugal Farmer/Researcher no
Peter Van den Ende Querido Belgium Illustrator no
Sook Hahn Soo R & F Self Service Store Australia Director no
Garrett Smith Radboud Universiteit Netherlands no
Raffaella Zorzi Raffaella Zorzi Italy Titolare no
Doris Hettling Privat Germany no
Sabine Range-Sander Privat Germany no
Robert Motschenbach privat Germany no
Robert Motschenbach privat Germany no
Arthur Kampfhofer Privat Germany no
Jacinta Richardson Private Australia no
Benjamin Greiß Private D no
Severin Kuligk Private Germany no
Charlotte Müller private Germany no
Oliver Pilz private Germany no
Matthias Bohn Private Germany no
Caroline Schulz Private Germany no
Jörg Pekarsky private Germany no
Tatjana Bikic Private Germany no
Stefan Pröls Private Germany Man on Earth no
Wilk Janina-Christin Private Germany Student no
Andrea Vanalli Private Italy no
Anja Gätz Private Österreich no
Tom Rooney Private Citizen UK Petition signer no
Rico Schwanicke Privat Germany no
Sarah Teasel Plymouth University UK Student no
Raffika Biggs Plymouth University UK Student no
Erin Robinsong Poet Canada no
Monika Urbaniak Polish Mycological Society Poland research assistant no
Małgorzata Ruszkiewicz-Michalska Polish Mycological Society Poland vicepresident no
Francesca Berni Politecnico di Milano Italy Architect and Researcher no
Anna Kujawa Polskie Towarzystwo Mykologiczne Poland no
Barbara Kudławiec Polskie Towarzystwo Mykologiczne (in English: Polish Mycological Society) Poland mushroom enthusiast no
Barbara Kudławiec Polskie Towarzystwo Mykologiczne (in English: Polish Mycological Society) Poland mushroom enthusiast no
Barbara Kudławiec Polskie Towarzystwo Mykologiczne (in English: Polish Mycological Society) Poland no
Tamara Matute Pontificia Universidad Católica Chile no
Francisco Chateau Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile Professor no
Maria Isabel Mujica Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile Postdoc no
Daniela Soto Pontificia universidad católica de Chile Chile no
Bastian Diaz Orellana Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile Estudiante no
Ana Aguilar-Paredes Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Chile Researcher no
Amanda Varela Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Colombia Full Professor no
Stef Spijkermans PRIMA MATERIA Netherlands Human no
José Benito Gonzalez Rodriguez Privada Argentina Investigación nano minerales no
Annekathrin Bukau privat Germany Mensch und Naturfreundin no
Stefanie Schmidt Pädagogin Germany no
Eef Arnolds Paddenstoelen Werkgroep Drenthe (Mycological Association Drenthe, The Netherlands Netherlands Chairman, professional mycologist no
Kristin DeGroat Parkway Sxhool USA Paraprofessional no
Franco Darío Cortés Gana Parque Urbano El Bosque Chile Encargado de Educación Ambiental, Proyectos y Difusión no
Marianne Benzie Part of the ecosystem Scotland Human no
Jimmy Langman Patagon Journal Chile Executive Editor no
Sarah Delroy Path to Ground Canada no
Cazabonne Jonathan Paul Sabatier University & Natural History Museum of Toulouse France Bachelor in Plant and Fungal Systematics & Scientific mediator no
Grant Peters PDX Education Collab USA Small Group Instructor no
Angelo Tagarelli Personal Canada Lover of the world and all it’s people. no
Jasmine Duxbury Personal South Korea no
Jon Lisle-Summers Personal UK Artist no
Hilary Redmon Personal USA no
Claudia Groposo Petrobras Brasil Biologist no
David Hera PhD student New Zealand no
Sarah Gallagher Planet Earth UK Person no
John Slater Planet Earth UK Member no
Fionnoula Finnegan Planet Earth UK 51.1051° N, 2.9262° W no
Kiran Ranadive P.D.E.A.'s Annasaheb Magar Mahavidyalaya, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra State, India India Associate Professor no
Daisy Lopez Pacific College of Health and Science USA MSTOM candidate no
Julie Hesse Not applicable UK no
C Harry Not relevant UK no
Julian Scholz Nothing Germany no
Mustafa necati Taş Nothing Turkey Ciwil no
Lourenço Portela Nova University from Lisbon Portugal no
Shannan Mortimer NZ Department of Conservation New Zealand Learning Designer no
Liesbeth van der Meer Oceana Chile Executive Director no
Oliver Frank OF Germany Owner no
Willy Mutunga Office of the Former Chief Justice, Kenya Kenya no
Carlos Lozano OGMC Colombia Board dorectort no
Jason Slot Ohio State University USA Associate Professor no
Allison Leigh Holt Oilly Oowen Laboratories USA Artist / scholar no
Derek Lehmann Opal Archway USA no
Carolina Piña Páez Oregon State University USA Graduate Student no
Claudio Guevara Oregon State University USA Ph.D. student no
Coleen Hill Oregon state university United States Student no
Katja Faber Organic farm Spain Owner farmer no
Chris Gauntner Oxford Brookes University England Student no
E.J. Milner-Gulland Oxford University UK Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity no
Patrick Weber P Switzerland no
Christopher Halliday None USA no
Victoria Covell None USA no
David Madden None USA Nkne no
Garrett Burrell None USA None no
Heather Brown None USA no
Danielle Mekulsia None USA Nature lover no
Christine Wordlaw none USA no
Mina Patel None USA no
Felipe Arcos None Chile None no
Kaye Proudley None Australia no
Ricardo Aliste None Chile no
Hannah Crowther None United Kingdom no
Lorraine Dowler Noosa Village Vet Australia Head Vet Nurse no
Christian Schwarz Norris Center for Natural History USA Lecturer no
Yuvelina Abramovich North-West Branch of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Russian State University of Justice» Russian Federation Student no
Yuvelina Abramovich North-West Branch of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Russian State University of Justice» Russian Federation no
Rick Van de Poll Northeast Mycological Federation USA President no
Lisa Markovchick Northern Arizona University USA Researcher & PhD Candidate no
H Michael Croner None USA no
Beau Buck None USA no
Rebecca Duckett None Malaysia Artist no
Celestino Quintela-Sabaris None Spain no
Cecilia Wootz None Sweden With my feet deep in the soil. no
Louise Fetz None Switzerland Natureprotection intern no
Jaan Johnson None UK no
Michael Nique None UK no
Jack Thorp None Uk no
Paul Fryer None UK no
David Clark None UK None no
Mark Philips None UK Concerned citizen and teacher no
Kate Friend None UK no
Sue Tymon None UK no
Helen Joyce None UK None no
Matthew Rust None UK no
Roger Hicks None UK None no
Lynne McNulty none UK concerned citizen no
Adrienne Spilsbury None UK Curious citizen no
Deborah Maw None UK no
Nigel Harding Harding None UK no
Danae Dwyer None USA no
Hayley Holwill None Finland no
Axel Kabbe none Germany privat no
Noah Winkler None Germany no
Kasper Mussche None Germany no
Reymund Schroeder None Germany no
Peter Kostenko None Germany Student no
Sebastian Treschau None Germany no
Georg göttlicher none Germany no
Maximilian Schneider None Germany no
Leon Wehowsky None Germany no
Paul Westermann None Germany no
Taki KIRSTEN None Germany no
Jan Pastrik None Germany no
Kim Maureen Kallinowski None Germany None no
Michael Stüben none Germany regular citizen no
Fiona Halliday None Ireland no
Cecilia Rigattieri None Italy no
Giovanni Occhipinti none Italy no
Sara Borgioni none Luxembourg no
Sue Clark None England no
Claudia Körner-Ulm non Germany no
Janett Thiel Non Germany no
Andreas Kämmer Non Germany no
Silke Knauber- Richter Non Germany Non no
Thomas Kristina non Germany no
Elena Mann non Germany no
Simon Swatek Non Germany no
Simon Swatek Non Germany no
Kim Maureen Kallinowski Non Germany no
Leon Gliese Non Germany not in an organization no
Franz Weis Non Germany no
Stefanie Jörn non Germany non no
Aigerim Asanturova NON Kyrgyzstan Freelance illustrator no
Annie Wicks None Australia None no
Chris Stewart None Australia no
Mariana Hoogesteijn Carpio None Brasil Artist no
Lindsay Korth None Brasil Singer, songwriter, handcrafter, watercolorist and nature lover. no
Emanuelle Cardoso None Brasil PhD no
Christine Gauthier None Canada no
Catalina De Pablo Alday None Chile no
Anna Elise Jansen Netherlands' Mycological Society Netherlands Chair no
Michael del Monaco Neugieriger Bürger Deutschland no
Roy Halling New York Botanical Garden USA Curator Emeritus no
Sigrid Jakob Jakob New York Mycological Society USA President no
Christopher Gaffney New York University USA Associate Professor no
Marjolaine Ryley Newcastle University UK Artist / PhD Researcher / Gardener no
Dan Turner Newcastle-under-Lyme UK no
Andrés Villegas Newen Fungus Chile Profesor de taller no
Susan Humphries Ngaruk Fund Australia Philanthropy no
Viviana Edith Salazar-Vidal NGO Micófilos; Lemu Rehue Chile President; Director no
Charlotte Lo NHS Uk Oncology Specialist Nurse no
Bec Chalkley NHS UK no
Picabo Binette NIAID USA IRTA Postbac no
Agustina Etulain Ninguna Argentina no
eduardo vidal inostroza ninguna Chile ninguna no
Inés Fostel Ninguna Uruguay no
Leonard Neukirch No Germany no
Eric Fisher Fisher No USA Yes no
Stephania Galuppo Gaete no aplica Chile no
Ninbe Cogliatti Garate No Organization, private person Schweiz no
Takahiro Kubo National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) Japan no
Nicolas Fauchereau National Institute for Water and Atmospheric research (NIWA) New Zealand Climate Scientist no
Victor Druzgala National Park Neusiedler See - Seewinkel Austria no
Francisco Kuhar National Scientific and Technical Research Council Argentina Associate Researcher no
Stella Maris Romero National Scientific and Technical Research Council Argentina Researcher no
María Belén Pildain National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) - Forest Research Center (CIEFAP) Argentina Researcher - Professor no
Alexandria Quinlan National Taiwan University Taiwan Master's Degree Student no
Alina Greslebin National University of Patagonia and National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina Argentina Professor and Independent researcher no
miguel galvagno nationalcouncil of cientific investigation Argentina senior researcher no
Bryn Dentinger Natural History Museum of Utah & School of Biological Sciences, University of Utah USA Curator of Mycology & Associate Professor no
Karl-Henrik Larsson Natural History Museum, University of Oslo Norway Professor emeritus no
Jessica Picken Natural Resources Wales Wales no
Liz Davis Naturalist Australia Facilitator no
Javiera González Nature lover Chile no
Aleksander Sgraja Nature Lover Germany no
Christine Eberhart Nature lover Schweiz Normal person no position no
Yvonne Kennedy Nature Lover Scotland no
Linda Wells nature lover UK no
Kees Pinster Nederlandse Mycologische Vereniging Netherlands consul Zuid Holland no
Anna Elise Jansen Netherlands' Mycological Society Netherlands Chairwoman no
Charlotte Salter-Townshend National Botanic Gardens of Ireland Ireland Information Officer no
Enric Sala National Geographic Society USA Explorer in Residence no
Kevin Pires N/A USA no
Michelle Lobo N/A USA no
yona c. riel n/a USA n/a no
Amy Gentile N/A USA N/A no
Lisa Lucas N/A Wales no
Tamara Dean Na Australia Na no
Silvia Drugea Na Canada no
Zsiri Dempsey na Ireland no
Mirabai Swingler NA UK no
Kim Garcia NA USA no
jose tovar NA USA no
Florian Gloza-Rausch NABU Germany no
Michaela Rausch NABU Germany no
Katherine Saldarriaga NAMYCO USA Student researcher no
Rucera Seethal National Arts Festival South Africa Artistic Director no
Margarita Villegas Ríos National Autonomous University of Mexico México Professor no
Charlotte Salter-Townshend National Botanic Gardens of Ireland Ireland Information Officer no
Alexandra Shchigunova N/A Germany no
Welzel Tim-Christian N/A Germany no
Elvira Giraldez N/A Spain no
EJ Gray N/A Spain no
Andrew Graydon N/A UK Curious citizen no
Victoria Hesse N/A UK N/A no
Bethany Guinness N/A UK no
Kerry Metcalfe N/A UK no
Angela Green N/A UK no
Jessica Payne N/a UK no
Alexandria Schichtl N/A USA no
Melody Chang Snyder N/A USA no
Jonny Kent N/A USA Retired no
Lauren Jurgensen N/A USA no
she m N/A USA no
Alice Sansonetti N/A USA no
Sarah Parviz N/a USA no
Alex Harris N/A USA no
Jennifer Ho N/A USA no
Hayden Novak N/A USA no
Andrea Gamst Mycela as Norway Kreative director no
Yvonne Johann Myceldesignerin Germany no
john tobin Mycelium China CSO no
Sebastian Piskorski Myco-Algological Section of the Students Scientific Society, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Łódź Poland Myco-Algological Section President no
Julia Ines Fariña Mycodiversity & Mycoprospection Lab - PROIMI-CONICET Argentina Team leader no
Martha Abelson Mycoforestry Regeneration Partners Inc. Canada Director no
Martha Abelson Mycoforestry Regeneration Partners Inc. Canada President no
Maria Subczyńska Mycohood Poland Founder no
M.R. Asef Mycology Department, Research Institute of Plant Protection Iran Curator of Iran Fungal Herbarium no
Renee Lebeuf Mycoquébec Canada no
Renee Lebeuf Mycoquébec Canada no
Rik Brands Myself Netherlands Me no
Matilde Araoz Ellis Myself UK Artist no
Jaimee Fink Myself USA Forest dweller no
Brooke Toyer N/A Australia N/A no
Jennifer Neill N/a Australia Environmental scientist no
Behdad Esfahbod N/A Canada no
Alexandra Ivkovic N/A Canada no
Mary Holden Holden N/A England no
Giles Hardy Murdoch University Australia Professor Forest Pathology no
Juan Ferrer Museo del Hongo Chile Director no
Carola Roa Museo del Hongo Chile Encargada de mediación no
Olga Calvo Museo del Reciclaje Puerto Rico no
Cristina Nunes Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio - CONICET Argentina Doctoral fellow/student no
Marc-André Selosse Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle (Paris) & University of Gdansk (Pologne) France Professor no
Chris Maynard Mushroom Mana UK Owner no
Alex Dorr Mushroom Revival Inc. USA Founder and CEO no
Gabriela D’Elia Mushroom Society of Utah USA Vice President no
Michael Toutziaridou Mushroom-Expert Germany no
Edoardo Ponticelli Musician and Facilitator Italy no
Ossian Brown Musician/Artist England no
Ossian Brown Musician/Artist England no
Ossian Brown Musician/Artist UK no
Martin Mcnair My Cells and I UK Me no
Aliya Ignacio Mouldy Blooms Philippines Founder no
Aliya Ignacio Mouldy Blooms Philippines Founder no
Geraldine Lumley MTU Republic of Ireland Lecturer no
Melva Patricia GualingaMontalvo Mujeres amazonicas Ecuador Socia no
Tiffany Freitas Me myself and I USA Free Human no
Rhett Meyers Medela Mushrooms Canada Founder no
Soledad Sosa MEF Argentina no
Ruth Reimann Member of VAPKO CH Switzerland no
Ben Goldsmith Menhaden UK Chief Executive Officer no
Megan Dias Meraki Movement LLC USA no
Lorena Fernández MetaNinfas Argentina no
Mariela Escobar Michroma USA Scientist no
Juli Simon Cardoso MICOLAB - Federal University of Santa Catarina Brasil no
Maria Eduarda de Andrade Borges MICOLAB - UFSC Brasil no
Katrina Starr Microsoft USA Senior Manager no
Maureen McAuley Millerton & Plateau Protection Society New Zealand Officer no
Genivaldo Alves-Silva MIND.Funga Brasil Post-doctoral researcher no
Kelmer Martins da Cunha MIND.Funga Initiative Brasil Member no
Maximiliano Bello Mission Blue USA Policy advisor no
Anne Stang MMS USA no
Christen Tynan Moah's Ark Wildlife Shelter Australia Wildlife Carer no
Sara Lowes Modern Art Oxford UK Curator no
Rose Meadows MOLA UK no
Zoe Mitchell Moonflower Project UK no
María Camila Henao Mejia Maleza Colombia Co owner, landscape designer and investigator no
Jerry Cooper Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research New Zealand Mycologist no
Shaun Pennycook Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research New Zealand Research Associate no
Peter Buchanan Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research New Zealand Science Team Leader & Mycologist no
Manpreet Dhami Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research New Zealand Senior Researcher no
Renee Johansen Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research New Zealand Project Manager no
Paul Evans Manchester Metropolitan University UK senior lecturer/nature writer no
Robin Sen Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Uk Docent and former Reader (Retired) no
Clare McPhee Manic Botanic Australia Sole Proprietor no
Markus Kirsch Mankind Germany Human Being no
Tasso Azevedo MapBiomas Brasil General Coordinator no
Antonio Cillero Mapping the Mind Canada Director no
Natasha Nicholls Margaret's Mushrooms Australia Cultivator & Educator no
Mark Russell Mark John Russell Ltd UK Independent consultant and Chair of CharityComms (UK) no
Jitka Mikulastik Masaryk University Czech Republic Student no
Miriam Eckardt Mason Bruce Girard Environmental consulting USA no
Jürgen Kesselmeier Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz Germany Retired Senior Scientist and Adjunct Professor no
Ian Kelley McCanliss & Early, LLP USA Partner no
Dennis McKenna McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy Canada Principal Founder no
Adam Ashby me UK no
Joumana Medlej Majnouna UK Artist & teacher no
Lukas Wegele-Dippold Male Germany no
Simon Chantry Link Canada Engineer no
Adelė Banelienė Lithuanian Fund for Nature Lithuania no
Corina Marcos Live-in Care UK no
Kenny Zhao Living Marks USA no
Michael Green London Fungus Network UK Founder no
Aaron Thompson Los Angeles Mycological Society USA no
Kelcey Firth lover of fungi UK n/a no
Fierdous Jacobs Lover of natural and plant medicine South Africa Healer no
Julia Sonntag Lover of nature Austria no
Roman Doubek Lover of Nature Germany no
Jill Rakusen lover of nature UK no
Kathryn Solórzano Lowell Lover of Nature USA no
Fiona McIntosh Lover of Nature UK Wildlife Trust Volunteer no
Bonnie Burgess lover of nature, curious citizen Canada no
Maria Delcourt Lover of Nature, Science, and Regenerative Agriculture USA Curious, conscientious citizen no
Nicholas Rosenstock Lund University Sweden no
Håkan Wallander Lunds Universitet Sweden Professor no
Katja Redlingshöfer Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Germany no
Guillermo Morera Laboratorio de Micología-Facultad de Ciencias-UdelaR Uruguay Docente no
Carolina Ríos-Sarmiento Laboratorio de Taxonomía y Ecología de Hongos (TEHO)/ Universidad de Antioquia Colombia Estudiante no
Isaac Núñez Laboratorio de Tecnologías libres - PUC Chile PhD Student no
Maria Jose Besoain LABVA Chile Co-Founder no
Jacob Phelps Lancaster University UK Senior Lecturer no
Bevan Weir Landcare Research, New Zealand New Zealand Research Leader, Mycology and Bacteriology no
Kim Wilkie Landscape Architect UK no
Tige Procyshyn Landscape Irrigation Solutions Ltd. Canada Principal no
Mario Melo Law School, Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador Ecuador Dean no
Claire McDivitt Lazerian UK no
Michiel de Groot Leiden University Netherlands no
Fabiola Diana Leiden University Netherlands PhD student no
Marek Kałuża Leśni ludzie Poland no
Lindsey Greene LeTourneau University USA Student no
Ricardo Morte Ferrer LI²FE Germany no
Federico Rosetti Libros Enteogénicos Argentina Editor no
Douglas Murray Life UK no
Whitley Swartz Life USA Manager no
Campbell Barclay Lincoln University New Zealand Student no
Rocio Peña-Cañón Línea de usos y saberes de hongos en Andes Nororientales, Grupo de Investigación Biología para la conservación, Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia Colombia Investigador no
Alexandra Snider Just me! USA no
Camille Myhre DeGabrielle Just Mushrooms USA Co-Author no
Jonathan Malz jwihec Germany no
Karina Magdalena Brink Karavan Press South Africa Publisher no
Nicholas van Osdol Keep Cool USA Head of Content & Co-Founder no
Jakob Feuchtmüller keine Deutschland no
Benjamin Brunk Keine Germany no
von Hoesslin Anja keine Germany keine no
Julius Loth keine Germany no
Sabine Wichmann Keine Germany no
Friederike Verfürth Keine Germany no
Manuela Obermeyer Keine Germany no
Dominik Schmotzer Keine Germany no
Luther Wolf Kernowearthcollective UK Artist , organic gardener no
Sergey Volobuev Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russia Senior Researcher no
Michael Kobler Kommunikationszentrum Spittelau Austria no
Ariel Lee Kriya Lightning Foundation Hong Kong Founder no
Michelle Hanssen KRSU USA Fellow no
Noelia Nuñez Otaño Lab. Geologia de Llanuras (FCyT-UADER) & CONICET - Argentina. Argentina Assistant Researcher & Associate Professor no
María Virginia Moreno Laboratorio de Biología funcional y Biotecnología- FAA-UNCPBA-CONICET Argentina Investigadora Adjunta- Profesora Adjunta no
Silvina Beatriz Restovich INTA Argentina Researcher no
Iván Silva Intendencia de Montevideo Uruguay Inspector no
David Hawksworth International Mycological Association UK Honorary President no
Erik Kobayashi-Solomon IOI, LLC USA Founder no
Eugenia Cordero-Schmidt IUCN SSC Center for Species Survival Brazil Brasil no
Matthew Barrett James Cook University Australia Postdoctoral Research Fellow no
Salomé Gómez Jardín Botánico de Bogotá José Celestino Mutis Colombia Contractor no
Kerstin Voigt Jena Microbial Resource Collection, University of Jena and Leibniz Institute of Natural Product Research and Infection Biology (HKI eV) Germany Curator and research group leader no
Jeremy Rye Jeremy Rye Studio UK Principal no
Tomas Masiulis JetMotors Lithuania GM no
Luca Mannella JGU Mainz Germany Student no
Luca Mannella JGU Mainz Germany Student no
Janett Riebesehl Julius Kühn Institute Germany Researcher no
Alexandra Huffer Junior School UK Class Teacher no
Marina Marquez Just a private citizen USA no
Thomas Kellermann Just a simple guy who loves nature :) Germany no
Lorraine Mangan Just Me Australia Myself no
Luis Mejia Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services (INDICASAT-AIP) Panama Researcher no
Teodor Denchev Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - Associate Professor, IUCN SSC Fungal Conservation Committee - member, IUCN SSC Rusts and Smuts Red List Authority Coordinator Bulgaria no
Yusufjon Gafforov Institute of Botany Uzbekistan Senior Scientist no
Yusufjon Gafforov Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Senior Scientist no
Marcin Pietras Institute of Dendrology Polish Academy of Sciences (Instytut Dendrologii PAN), Polish Mycological Society Polska Assistant Professor no
Michał Gorczak Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Warsaw Poland PhD student no
Clara P. Peña-Venegas Instituto Amazónico de Investigaciones Científicas Sinchi- Associate Researcher Colombia Associate Resercher no
Mariana Drewinski Instituto de Botanica Brasil Student no
Vera Vitali Instituto de Botanica Brasil Pesquisadora Científica no
Marina Bianchini Instituto de Botânica de São Paulo Brasil no
Nicolas Niveiro Instituto de Botánica del Nordeste Argentina no
Mónica Moraes Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés Bolivia Director no
Diego Bueno Villafañe Instituto de Investigación Biológica del Paraguay Paraguay Researcher no
Ágata Carvalho Morais Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de São Paulo Brasil Estudante no
Rosa Batallas Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad Ecuador Ecuador research no
María Aparecida De Jesús Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia INPA Brasil Pesquisador no
Hannya Chamorro Martínez Instituto Politécnico Nacional de México Colombia no
Olivia Ayala Vásquez Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Victoria México PHD student no
Leidy Ruiz Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano Colombia Student Visual Arts no
Josiane Monteiro Instituto Tecnológico Vale - Desenvolvimento Sustentável Brasil Postdoc no
Monika Bohm Indianapolis Zoological Society UK no
Catia Canteiro Indianapolis Zoological Society UK no
Nicolás Rojas Individual Honduras no
Sarah Morris Individual New Zealand no
Bhavik Chandrahas Individual UK no
Ruth Tattum Individual UK Self no
Alison Fletcher Individual USA no
Kasidy Martin Individual USA no
Edith Garay-Serrano INECOL México Researcher no
Yuky Angulo Infused Touch USA Massage Therapist no
Julieta Mallerman INIBIOMA (UNComa-CONICET) Argentina Postdoctoral student no
Bernardo Ernesto Lechner InMiBo (Universidad de Buenos Aires - CONICET) Argentina Director no
Dirce Komura INPA Brasil no
Luciana V. Gatti INPE Brasil research no
David Navarro INRAE - Aix Marseille University France Fungal biotechnology, Deputy director of the fungal culture collection CIRM-CF no
Patrice Ravonjiarisoa Institut de Formation Technique Département Environnement Madagascar Teacher no
Romina Pacheco Institut de Recherche pour le développement Peru PhD student no
Filipa Ramos Institut Kunst, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz UK Lecturer no
Séverine Cazaux Institute for Biological and Medical Engineering Chile no
Catia Canteiro Indianapolis Zoological Society UK no
Chelle Collie Independent Australia no
Laura Rojas Independent Canada Artist no
Magdalena Villarroel Independent Chile Journalist no
Klara Redenz Independent Germany no
Caterina Russildi Independent México no
Creek Waddington independent New Zealand mycophile no
Samantha Read independent UK no
Devin Ryback Independent USA no
Sarabeth Harju Independent USA no
Sarabeth Harju Independent USA no
Evan Yerburgh Independent USA no
Doug Bierend Independent USA Writer no
Pola Heredia Independent artist Chile no
Yan Patsenko Independent artist Spain no
Yan Patsenko Independent artist Spain no
Daniella Drake Independent artist US no
Leah Sears Independent Practitioner; New Leaf and Recovery USA LCSW and Clinical Supervisor for harm reduction no
Jessica den Outer Independent Rights of Nature Consultant Netherlands no
Nicolette Roach Indianapolis Zoo USA no
Judy Palermo Indianapolis Zoo USA Director of Public Relations no
Candace Nicholas Hospitalist USA Nurse Practitioner no
Colm Harrington Hse Ireland Psychiatry registrar no
Anne Schimmeyer HTW Berlin Germany no
Susannah C Bailey British Isles horizontal no
Donna Godfrey-Conyers human citizen of earth Canada friend of fauna flora fungi no
Ella Shi Human Nature Projects Canada (Youth led) Canada National Director (in training) no
Richard Bluck Humankind (the destroyers) Wales no
Alexander Traberth Humboldt University Germany no
Ece Tankal Hyphen-Labs UK Artist no
Boglárka Lutz IAA Europe Hungary/Austria Artist no
Bárbara Raquel De Madrignac Bonzi IBONE Paraguay Bióloga no
Michael Myhre IDX Path USA Former CEO no
Mickey Myhre IDX Pathology USA Former owner no
Kritzzia Copete IIAP Colombia Profesional de Apoyo no
Andrew Miller Illinois Natural History Survey USA Mycologist no
Eduardo Nouhra IMBIV-CONICET/U.N.C. Argentina Profesor e Investigador no
Michelle Baker Jones Imperial College UK Psychedelic guide no
Christopher Herbert Imperial College London UK Hall Supervisor & Chef no
Martin Bidartondo Imperial College London UK Professor no
Matthew Fisher Imperial College London UK Professor no
Juan Manuel Leon Hija de Sánchez Denmark Manager no
Milo Hiscox Hiscox Farm Partnership UK Partner no
Christian Gödde Hochschule Anhalt Germany Student no
Nicola Spinner Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde Germany Student no
Roland Straub Holzbau Germany Geschäftsführer no
Massimo Gifoli Home Italy Micologo no
Chris Jurgensmeyer Home USA Caretaker of the Earth no
Jocelyn Moore Homemaker USA All the things :) no
Lisa Gerstenfeld Honey Mushroom Studio UK Creative Director no
Ame Del Real HongoxHongo USA Owner no
Norma B. Fernández Hospital de Clínicas.y Facultad de Farmacia y Bioquímica Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina Profesor , Laboratorio de Micologia no
Sophia Remolde GrowMe USA no
Dhana Pillai Haehaeata Natural Heritage Trust New Zealand Nursery Manager no
Sindre Hakkebo Hakkebo Naprapati Norway no
Oliver Schnapauff Hamburg Germany no
Mia Maestro Hankuzi Explorations USA-Argentina no
Marcela Renteria Harvard Chile Regional Office Chile Executive Director no
Donald Pfister Harvard University USA Professor no
Karin Pritsch Helmholtz Zentrum München Germany Senior Scientist no
Morgan Johnson Herbalist USA no
Isa Lucia de Morais Herbário José Ângelo Rizzo Brasil Teacher no
Cecilia Lopez Herbario Nacional de Bolivia Bolivia Researcher no
Vicki Jaeger Herbarium Melbourne Australia Volunteer no
Steffen Schrulle Hi Germany no
Lily Clarke High Morel LLC United States Founder no
Sarunas Petrutis Higher dimensional slice UK Doctor no
Sergio Henriques Global Center for Species Survival, Indianapolis Zoo Portugal Conservation Coordinator no
Sergio Henriques Global Center for Species Survival, Indianapolis Zoo Portugal Conservation Coordinator no
Christian Dermann GNOR Germany no
Ozden Sahin Goldsmiths, University of London UK no
Allison Perrigo Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre Sweden Director no
Prashant PANT Government College India Assistant Professor no
Samuel Graziano Graziano and Gutiérrez USA Co-founder / Designer no
Yasmine Ostendorf Green Art Lab Alliance Netherlands Founder no
Sue Samuel Greencliff Farm UK no
Christopher Briggs Greening Fields UK Managing Director no
Sophia Krüger Greenpeace Germany no
Emma Zuiderveen Groen Huiswerk Netherlands PhD Environmental Science no
Emberly Wetherall Grow Wanaka New Zealand no
Alice Gerlach Geneva Botanical Garden Switzerland no
Ronja Wibbeke Georg August Universität Göttingen Germany Student no
George Monbiot George Monbiot UK Journalist, author, environmental activist no
Nicolas Ranouil German Education Germany no
Andreas Kunze German Mycological Society Germany Public Relations Officer no
Danny Haelewaters Ghent University Belgium Research Foundation–Flanders Junior Postdoctoral Fellow no
Nicky Williams Girls With Hammers Australia no
Christina Kelly Glasgow Caledonian University Scotland no
Pete Smith Glassblade UK CEO no
Luis Barnola Global Affairs Canada Canada Senior Advisor no
Dmitry Schigel Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Denmark Scientific officer no
Mimi Kessler Global Center for Species Survival USA Bird Conservation Coordinator no
Rhys Logan Fungimap Australia Australia no
Michelle Geraldine Campi FungiParaguay Paraguay Director no
Ricardo Silva Fungiperfect lda Portugal Operations and development Director no
Vitaliy Ging FungUA Ukraine no
Lesley Towart FUNNZ New Zealand Member no
Ross Muir FUNZ New Zealand Member no
Ingrid Gadd Gadd guitars Australia Owner no
Graham Boswell GB Ecology & Environment UK Director no
Sapphire McMullan-Fisher Fungi4Land Australia Director no
Angela de Manzanos FungiAlert UK CEO no
Robert Muñoz FungiFest Chile Director no
Susie Webster Fungimap Australia Committee Member no
Sophie Green Fungimap Australia Coordinator no
Graham Patterson Fungimap Australia Volunteer no
Valerie La May Fungimap Australia no
Luis Francisco Ledezma Funga Conservation Costa Rica Coordinator no
Ken Buegeleisen Fungal Diversity Survey USA Treasurer, also Treasurer for Sonoma County Mycological Society no
Bill Sheehan Fungal Diversity Survey USA President no
Joanne Schwartz Fungal Diversity Survey USA Vice President no
Pieter Kuyl Fungal Messiah Belgium Big Smurf no
Julie Vause Fungal Network of New Zealand New Zealand Member no
Jasper Degenaars Fungi Academy Netherlands CEO no
Robert Frischkorn Fungi Academy USA member no
Vik Williamson Fungi Academy USA Student no
David Handran Fungi Academy USA Student no
Dominik Dominik Fuchs Fungi Fan Germany no
Nathalie Kelley Fungi Foundation USA Board Member no
Rafael Rojas Frohn Freie Universität Berlin Germany no
Julia Schönicke Freie Universtität Berlin Germany Archaeologist no
Leon Reichhardt FridaysForFuture Germany no
Jessica Wagner Friedberg Germany no
Matthias Lutz Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium Germany Teacher and Mycologist no
Helen Bichan Friends of Zealandia New Zealand Volunteer guide no
Cameron Dennison Frostburg State University USA Clinical Lab Manager DPAM no
Peregrin Wylde FTL Animal sanctuary USA no
Alexa Karber FTL Animal sanctuary USA no
Stefan Olsson Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University China Distinguished Professor no
Cristian Moreno Fundación Fungi Chile no
Sabrina Mariel Tajani Fundación Hongos de Argentina para la Sustentabilidad Argentina Dirección de extensión no
Renato Andrés García Fundación Hongos de Argentina para la Sustentabilidad Argentina no
Gonzalo Romano Fundación Hongos de Argentina para la Sustentabilidad Argentina President no
Gonzalo Romano Fundación Hongos de Argentina para la Sustentabilidad Argentina President no
Clara Bo Fundación Hongos de Argentina para la Sustentabilidad (FHAS) Argentina A favor! Los hongos merecen el reconocimiento y la importancia de conservarlos no
Analia Bestriz Lezcano Fundación Hongos de Argentina para la Sustentabilidad. Argentina no
Leonardo Matías Majul Fundación Hongos de Argentina por la Sustentabilidad Argentina no
Stephanie Allen FunDis Canada Citizen scientist and amateur mycologist no
Clinton Jenkins Florida International University USA Associate Professor no
Matthew Shirley Florida International University USA Species Ecologist no
Nirmal Harsh Forest Research Institute Dehradun India Retired Scientist no
Juan F. Dueñas Free University Berlin Ecuador PhD candidate no
Angelo Andergassen Free world Österreich Save the nature no
Diana Jaber Freelance Canada Strategist no
Andrew Wood Freelance New Zealand no
Deshan Tennekoon Freelance Sri Lanka Writer, book designer, photographer no
David Goddard Freelance UK no
Lukus Robbins Freelance UK Artist and Producer no
Marios Levi Freelance USA - no
Sophie Gibson Freelance UK Storyteller and writer no
Tyson Steigers Freelance Motion Design USA Designer/Animator no
Victor Anderson Freelance researcher UK no
Melanie MacEachern Freelance Writer USA no
Jonathan Moens Freelancer Italy Journalist no
Robert Lücking Freie Universität Berlin Germany Curator no
Cynthia Monroe Flawsome Farms USA Chef Instructor no
David Catcheside Flinders University Australia Emeritus Professor no
Sally Fryar Flinders University Australia Adjunct senior lecturer no
Hayley, Leah, Josef and Aidan Sestokas Flooding Creek Fungi Australia Growers no
Linda Chamorro Florida International University USA Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design no
David Kaimowitz FAO but signing in personal capacity USA no
Heather Elson Far South Fungi Australia no
Liam Nokes Farlow Herb. & FunDiS USA no
Darren Zal Fast Enterprises USA Consultant no
Gerson de Freitas Junior FATEC Brasil Professor no
Sherida Nogueira Federal University of Ceara Brasil Bachelor of Ecological Economics no
Jadson Bezerra Federal University of Goiás - UFG/IPTSP Brasil Professor (Assistant) no
Reginaldo Lima Neto Federal University of Pernambuco Brasil Professor no
Bernardo Flores Federal University of Santa Catarina Brasil Postdoc no
Eduardo Soriano Sierra Federal University of Santa Catarina Brasil Professor no
Larissa Trierveiler Pereira Federal University of São Carlos Brasil University Professor / Researcher no
Angelica Iglesias Fellow mushroom lover USA no
Rosalva García Sánchez FES Zaragoza UNAM México Profesor de Tiempo Completo no
Miguel Cortez FFungi Chile CFO no
Jani Quintanilla FFungi Chile no
Natalia Beatriz Paolucci FHAS Argentina Student no
Melvin Xu Field Naturalist Club Victoria - Fungi group Australia Coordinator no
Richard Kreuzweger Fischzucht Heberlein Österreich Aquaculture Technician no
Ana Luiza Assis Environment Ministry Brasil Environmental Analist no
Karla Ramos Environmental Consultant Honduras Environmental Specialist no
Bálint Dima Eötvös Loránd University Hungary research fellow no
Balint Dima Eötvös Loránd University Hungary research fellow no
Susanne Kilger Erzieherin Germany no
Cristina Galhano ESAC-IPC Portugal Professor no
Maria José Cunha Escola Superior Agrária do Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra Portugal Professora Coordenadora no
Samantha Gianolla Santos Estudante Brasil Graduando em Ciências Biológicas no
Monserrat Moya Estudio 150 Chile Partner no
Rachael Garrett ETH Zurich Switzerland Assistant Professor no
Izabela L. Kałucka European Mycological Association - President; University of Lodz - Associate Professor Poland no
Jonathan Fredette Evolved Mushrooms USA Founder no
Myriam Cabral FaCEN Paraguay Docente no
María Inés Fostel Mondon Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo. UNLP Argentina no
Guillermo Morera Facultad de Ciencias-UdelaR Uruguay Docente no
Sandra Castro-Santiuste Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM México Académica no
Janneke Nijmeijer Fair Trade Coke Netherlands Founder no
Danna J Leaman FairWild Foundation; IUCN SSC Medicinal Plant Specialist Group Canada Trustee; Co-Chair no
Mike Boisvert Fanshawe College Canada Professor no
Cleona Wallace FAO Italy E-learning instructional designer no
Jessica Allen Eastern Washington University USA Assistant Professor no
Jessica Allen Eastern Washington University USA Assistant Professor no
Nina Lording Echo Beach Gallery England Owner no
Brenna Cheyney Ecocentric Strategies USA no
Edith Siepmann Ecoplan thiede Germany Biologist no
Lucas Dengel EcoPro India founder executive no
Eben Bayer Ecovative USA CEO no
Ann Barnes Edica Naturals Canada Ceo no
Lorea Canales Editorial Lalo Cura México editor no
Christine Lariviere EIT Climate-KIC Germany Communications no
Dartanha Jose Soares EMBRAPA - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation Brasil Researcher no
Nicole Wagenbach emnicon AG Germany Head of Counselling no
Victor Angel Entheome Foundation México Founder no
Rita Lüder DGfM e.V. Germany Vizepräsidentin no
Enrico Brondelli di Brondello Dow Jones Architects UK Architect no
Piet Bergers Dutch Mammal Society Netherlands Director no
Peter-Jan Keizer Dutch Mycological Society, group Fungal Protection Netherlands Member, Researcher. no
Konrad Beerel EAH-Jena Germany no
Andreas Karl Krumm Earthling Germany no
Laura Taylor Dance City UK no
Darek Fortas Darek Fortas Fine Art UK Visual Artist no
Jason Andrews Davey Tree USA Arborist no
Giri Nathan Defector Media USA Writer & co-founder no
Deirdre Marshall Deirdre Marshall Theatremaker Australia Director no
Rosario Valdivieso Del monte Chile Cocinera no
Antonia Barreau Del Monte a la Cocina Chile Founder no
Fernando Manuel Raposo Morgado Department of Biology & CESAM, University of Aveiro Portugal Professor Associado com Agregação no
Brandon Matheny Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee USA Professor no
Ulf Buentgen Department of Geography, University of Cambridge UK Professor of Environmental Systems Analysis no
Maartje Nevejan Descending the mountain Netherlands Film Director no
I. Lampert Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie e.V. Germany Member no
Rita Lüder Lüder Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie e.V. Deutschland Vizepräsidentin no
Rita Lüder Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie e.V. Deutschland Vizepräsidentin no
BRIAN G. OROURKE Devotee – For The Spiritual Purpose of Truly Knowing God USA Professionally Retired - Devoted To Awakening My Soul no
Brigitte Schmelzer-Sandtner DGfM Germany no
Peter Hildebrandt DGfM Deutschland Member no
Brauckhoff Mechthild DGfM Deutschland Mitglied no
Dittmar Reis DGfM Deutschland PSV no
Babett Huebler DGfM Deutschland Secretary no
Danilo Funke CRBio-3 Brasil Conselheiro no
Hector Montero Crop Science Center, University of Cambridge UK Research associate no
Nathan Banks Crosstown UK Store assistant no
Max Kruisbrink Cryptocommunity Netherlands Founder no
Aman Takhar Cultivation Canada no
Haloisio Mozzer Vargas Cultura Fungo Brasil Educador no
Pete Martin Cumbria Lichens and Bryophytes Group UK no
Laila Thomas Curious citizen Germany no
Robert Kingsbury-Barker Curious citizen UK no
Mongkol Keo Curious Citizen USA no
Danny Zuehlke Cut Loose Culture USA no
Andy Anderson CWA UK Lecturer no
Gaia Soykok Dadabit UK Captain of Next no
Mitchell Warner Dageraad Brewing Canada Director of Brewing Operations no
Alison Moore concerned citizens Australia no
Silvana Benacchio concerned earth carer Australia no
Susan Prosser Concerned human Australia no
Ana Andruchow Colombo Cornell University Argentina Postdoctoral associate no
Toby Veall Court Community Garden Project UK Chairperson no
Sherie Bruce CQUniversity and Queensland Conservation Council Australia Academic and Deputy Chair no
David Humphries City of London Corporation UK no
jennifer lodge Civil Service UK Citizen no
David Hibbett Clark University USA Professor no
Brian Looney Clark University USA no
Samantha Shrier Clemson University USA Undergraduate student and laboratory assistant no
Richard Heede Climate Accountability Institute USA Director no
Mélanie Roy CNRS Argentina Assistant-professor no
Peter Voyvodic CNRS France Postdoctoral Researcher no
Marina Ricci CNRS France Researcher - Nature lover - Environmental activist no
Jeff Ravage Coalition for the Upper South Platte USA Forestry Researcher no
Sara Rich Coastal Carolina University USA Professor no
Joel Stein Code Computerlove UK Content & Creativity Lead no
Faith Robinson CogDis Denmark Co-founder no
Ethan Bertrand College United States Student no
Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez Columbia University USA Scientist no
Dóra Baranyai Comenius University of Bratislava, Faculty of Arts Slovakia Student no
Silke Helfrich Commons Strategies Group Germany Co-Founder no
Sanjay Sharma Concerned citizen Canada no
Sandra Timms Concerned citizen UK no
Ana Sofia B. Simões CFE - University of Coimbra Portugal Research fellow no
Mark Rance Children Of Osiris UK Artist no
Josefina Edwards Chile California Council USA no
Matias Alcalde Chile California Council USA Representative no
Juan Silva Chile California Council / University of California, Santa Barbara Chile Analyst & Researcher no
Clive Appleton Christchurch City Council New Zealand Healthy Waterways Program Lead no
Aldo Hiram Gutiérrez Saldaña CIAD México Técnico Titular C no
Bruno Henrique Silva Cidadão curioso Brasil A favor da inclusão dos fungos na preservação no
Bart Coster ciitzen Netherlands no
Kate Champ Citizen Australia no
Sandy Jasieniuk Citizen Canada Nature lover no
Waas Lukas Citizen Germany no
Mark Lumley Citizen Ireland no
Heather Nicholson Citizen UK no
Kara Brownback Citizen USA no
Jill Bernstein Bernstein citizen USA no
Eric Schnathorst Citizen mycologist USA mycologist no
Rich Wright Cardiff University, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew UK Fungal Tree of Life Outreach Officer (Kew), PhD researcher (Cardiff) no
Ben Kerslake Carrington lime UK no
Robert Piller CATES UK Chief Edidtor no
John Michelotti Catskill Fungi USA Founder and Owner no
Erica Arronga Ccz12 Uruguay Maestra no
liliana Duarte Center for Functional Ecology Portugal PhD student no
César Marín Center of Applied Ecology & Sustainability, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile Researcher no
César Marín Center of Applied Ecology & Sustainability, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile Researcher no
Jeremy Even-Flint Central Texas Mycological Society USA no
Emilia Mildmay Centre for Alternative Technology UK Student, Mother, Artist, Lover of the Natural world no
Jorge Moreira Centre for Functional Ecology - Science for People & the Planet Portugal Researcher no
Joana Maciel Rocha Centre for Functional Ecology - University of Coimbra Portugal no
Marta Correia Centre for Functional Ecology, CFE - UC Portugal Postdoctoral Scientist no
Helena Freitas Centre for Functional Ecology. University of Coimbra Portugal Professor no
Laura Tudor Centred UK CEO no
ALEXANDRE MAGNO BATISTA MACHADO Centro Universitário de Itajubá - FEPI Brasil Professor no
Alejandra C. Gutierrez CEPAVE-CONICET-UNLP Argentina Researcher no
Maria Virginia Bianchinotti CERZOS CONICET Argentina Researcher - Professor no
Begoña Dorronsoro CES Centre for Social Studies - University of Coimbra, Portugal Euskal Herria Biologist and PhD Candidate in Post-Colonialisms and Global Citizenship no
António Portugal CFE - Centre for Functional Ecology Portugal Investigator no
Suelen Martins Brasil Brasil no
Alexis Inglis-Arkell Braybrooke Beer Co UK Brewer no
Andrew Whitley Bread for Good Community Benefit Society UK Chair and co-founder no
Bernd Meier Brewery Germany no
Andrew Proudfoot British Ecological Society UK Member no
Maxine Putnam British Lichen Society UK Bulletin editor no
Eluned Smith British Lichen Society UK Secretary (Minutes) no
Charlotte Pearson Brookfield School UK Teacher no
Zaach Page Brothers Page Productions Inc. USA Artist no
Florence Wallis Brown University USA MFA no
Maximilian Tippmann Buschfunkistan Germany no
Norman Glatzer Buschfunkistan Germany no
Braun Vanessa Buschfunkistan Germany no
Norman Glatzer Buschfunkistan Germany no
Marianne Schelvis Cabrillo College USA Student no
Daniel Gluesenkamp Gluesenkamp California Institute for Biodiversity USA Executive Director no
Graham Pechenik Calyx Law USA Founder | Registered Patent Attorney no
Daniel Campise Camp Media USA Music Curator no
Karen Berger Bowerbird Theatre Australia Director no
Nahuel Policelli Boston University USA Postdoctoral researcher no
Igor Siedlecki Botanic Garden, University of Warsaw Poland phd student no
Kamil Kisło Botanical Garden University of Warsaw Poland Master degree student no
Neil Sanderson Sanderson Botanical Survey & Assessment UK no
Moya Lloyd Boundary Way Project UK Creative Producer no
Michael Lowman Bournemouth university UK no
David Joseph Bowerbird Theatre Australia Director no
Theresa Bint Barung Landcare, Qld Mycological Society Australia no
Louis Rummer-Downing BBC UK Assistant Producer no
Raphael Gassen Berlin University of the Arts Germany Student - B.Arch no
Micha Alt Berliner Waldschulen Germany no
Beth Forrester Beth Forrester Uk no
Nigel Rosenbaum Biodiversity at Farley Project UK CEO no
David Montgomery Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program Equatorial Guinea National Manager no
Jennings Ingram Biotemple Hawaii USA Cohort no
Sarah Lloyd Bird Lovers of Black Sugarloaf Australia no
Aileen Baird Birmingham Institute of Forest Research UK Doctoral researcher no
Eli Kiefer Blub Germany no
Xiomara López ASCOLMIC Colombia no
Gloria Myhre Ascot, LLC USA Owner no
Yeimy Andrea Quiroga Arenas Asociación Colombiana de micología Colombia no
Consuelo Pivcevic Asociación Kauyeken Chile Diseñador gráfico no
Laura Pastorino Asociación Uruguaya de Guardaparques Uruguay Directiva no
Walter Ocampo Gutiérrez ASOMUÑA Colombia CEO no
Roberta Welch Association SoHum France Curious citizen no
Kier Kemp Asthall manor Uk Gardener no
Emma Withers Asylum Studios UK UK Artist no
Michelle Huet Ātma Yoga France no
Brett Summerell Australian Institute of Botanical Science, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney Australia Director Research and Chief Botanist no
Melinda Greenfield Australian National University Australia Senior Research Officer no
Jacqueline Jongejan authentic Portugal Association Portugal founder no
Cathleen McAllister Azantian Literary Agency USA Artist/author no
Emiel Brouwer B-WARE Research Centre Netherlands Senior Ecologist no
Nina Glasl B.U.N.D. Germany Germany Member no
oliver low B&c UK Director no
Olga Mink Baltan Laboratories Netherlands director no
Sterre Joor Amsterdam University Medical Centre Netherlands Student no
Philip Kearney An Taisce - the National Trust for Ireland Ireland Chair no
Lukas Wezel Ancientskin Germany Owner no
Toby Sinclair andBeyond Asia India no
Suzanne Gwilym APS Australia no
Paul Antonson Aquent Studios USA Consultant no
Sneha Koppula Aranya Agricultural Alternatives India Permaculture Coordinator no
Veronika Weisheit Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mykologie Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Deutschland Pilzsachverständige Landkreis Rostock, BRD no
Christian W. Fischer Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mykologie Ulm (AMU) e. V. Germany Chairman no
Enosh Baker Art USA Artist no
Wendy Xu Art of Wendy Xu USA Author/Illustrator no
Patrick Coleman Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, UC San Diego USA Assistant Director no
David Hahlbrock Artist Germany Artist no
Jakob Böhm Artist Germany no
Andrea Lyday Artist USA no
Oscar Tillman Artist & part of nature Sweden no
AJ Dorholt Artist and Mycophile Canada no
Vanya Lambrecht Ward Artist/designer Ireland no
Angie Allen Artistic Industries Ltd UK Artist Manager no
Richmond Victor Ejanda 22 Propack Asia Corporation Philippines Research and Development Head no
LISA O’CONNOR A Radiant Life Canada CEO no
Ben Butler Aberystwyth University England no
Allison Walker Acadia University Canada Associate Professor of Biology; Director - E. C. Smith Herbarium no
Sumit Singh Dagar Agharkar Research Institute, India India Research Scientist no
Margarita Martin-Blas Alvarez Agram, Illustration and Design UK Artist no
Jacky Edwards Agriculture Victoria Australia Research Leader no
Chad Morgan Ajna Pharma USA Director of construction no
Stephan Kreidl Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freibrug, Fakultät für Umwelt und Natürliche Ressourcen Germany no
Aleph Escobedo Aleph Escobedo Studio México Artist Owner no
Alison Pouliot Alison Pouliot Photography Australia no
Lennard Duijvestijn All for Soil Netherlands Owner no
Allie Wynands allie wynands photography USA no
Max Mudie Allthingsfungi UK no
Mauro Fernandez AMAUTA.LAT Perú Director no
Mark Plotkin Amazon Conservation Team USA President no
Guljahan Tursunova American Councils for International Education Turkmenistan EducationUSA Adviser no
Eugenio Rengifo Grau Amigos de los Parques Chile Executive Director no
Natalia Vila - Argentina no
Lachlan Penninkilampi - Australia - no
Marianne Briese - Chile no
Gineth Adriana Calderón Padilla - Colombia no
Petra Bahnmüller - Deutschland - no
Christina Lind - Germany no
Simon Breidenstein - Germany no
Niko Hesse - Germany no
Stefan Leitner - Germany no
Karina Aranguren - Perú no
Agapi Alexandra Maria - Romania Engineer no
Livio Erne - Schweiz Student no
maryna lansky -NYMS - USA member no
Kristina Eßlinger ? Germany no
Eren Sahin ? Germany Student no
Rebecca Biros (NA) USA no
silvia ambrogi * Brasil phytotherapist no
Pascal Ender / Germany no
Anastasia Giobbe / UK no
Kirsty Williams 03782 8020 New Zealand Fungi supporter no